Shillong rapper Youngg Natee’s ‘Call Me’ is an emotional mix of love, hate and memories

Nineteen-year-old rapper from Shillong, Youngg Natee, released his new single ‘Call Me’ on October 14. A soft and melodic hip hop, this is his first single since his critically acclaimed debut EP, ‘Youngg & Ambitiou$’.

‘Youngg & Ambitiou$’, which premiered in 2021, received a 4 out of 5 rating from Rolling Stone India and catapulted Youngg Natee into the spotlight at every club or festival event in Meghalaya. And now, Youngg Natee is determined to advance his career with his latest single, ‘Call Me’.

The song bases its infectious and nostalgic hook on an intriguing storyline that is a mix of emotions that are an integral part of any relationship. It delicately defines our memories of people who were or are still close to us.

“The song ‘Call Me’ was written in the year 2020. When I wrote this song, I was filled with feelings of love. I just felt like writing about the love I discovered, which was unique in such a way that the audience could relate to it as well,” said Youngg Natee whose real name is Nathaniel M Kharwanlang.

“It is a song that depicts a person’s desire for love and affection for his or her lover,” he added.

Speaking about the visual narrative, he goes on to say: “The beauty of art is that it is open to interpretation. However, after a botched cyber-heist, the protagonist finds himself trapped in the room. As the number of lasers pointing in his direction grows, the protagonist realises he has nowhere to flee. While on his way to disaster, he reflects on the times he spent with his lover. He finds solace in their memories.”

The visuals arranged by Sumeet Ngangom, accurately depict the song’s emotions. ‘Call Me’ is easy on the ears and can be dedicated to a loved one or played on repeat in remembrance of a lost one. The song’s soothing tone is a sure bet for every road trip or house party playlist.

Currently a student of the St Anthony’s College, Shillong, Nathaniel M Kharwanlang believes in making it big. “I have grand plans for my music. I just want to finish college and find a job where I can earn money and invest in my music on a regular basis. I want to be at the top. When I say ‘the top’, I mean I’m going to work hard until the big music industry in America notices my potential,” he shared.

‘Call Me’ by Youngg Natee is now available on all major streaming platforms- and can be streamed on YouTube.

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