Another petition in SC against caste-based census in Bihar

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ANI Photo | Another petition in SC against caste-based census in Bihar

Another petition has been moved in the Supreme Court by petitioner Hindu Sena challenging against Bihar Government’s decision to conduct a caste-based census across the state.
The plea has been moved by Vishnu Gupta, National President of Hindu Sena.
The petitioner has sought to quash the notification dated June 6 2022 issued by the Deputy Secretary, Government of Bihar, whereby the State Government of The Petitioner said that the impugned notification and decision of the State of The petition mentioned about the Varna system, which according to the petitioner refers to the social stratification based on the Varna. Four basic categories are defined under this system – Brahmins (priests, teachers, intellectuals), Kshatriyas (warriors, kings, administrators), Vaishyas (agriculturalists, traders, farmers ) and Shudras (workers, labourers, artisans) and
every Varna consisted of multiple Jatis.

The petitioner blamed the Britishers and said that the British while ruling India needed to segregate the society for the purpose of smooth governance and in this regard, they invented this colonial construct of Caste.
“The British later on started classifying the different jatis in varna’s from the decennial census from 1901. The birth-based varna system was never a part of India until the British segregated the society into castes for political and administrative purposes,” the petition said and mentioned a portion of the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta whereby it was stated that varnas are based on merit and Varna is based on one’s karma or merit and abilities and not on one’s birth.
The early historic references also talk about a class-based and not caste-based society in ancient India, in the Vedic society too, there are clear references that the varna system was based on merit and not on birth, the petition said.
The Supreme Court is likely to hear the matter on Friday. Last Week the Supreme Court agreed to give an urgent hearing to the petition challenging One of the petitions was moved in the top court recently by a social worker Akhilesh Kumar through Advocates Barun Kumar Sinha and Abhishek, who, in his petition, said, “That the cause of action arose on/from the impugned Notification dated 06.06.2022 issued by Deputy Secretary, Government of The petitioner Akhilesh Kumar through his advocates Barun Kumar Sinha and Abhishek had said that the decision of the State of According to the petitioner’s submission, there are more than 200 castes in As per the plea, in the state of “The impugned Notification accords differential treatment without intelligible differentia to an illegal decision of State of

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