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Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) has announced KLF Book Awards 2022 in various categories.

The awardees for year 2022 were announced in non-fiction, fiction poetry book, book in Hindi language, book in translation, Bhasa first book, business book, environmental book, biography/autobiography, children book, sports book, lifestyle and emerging trend books, among others.

The awardees were selected from books submitted by publishers all across the categories. The winner will be felicitated and awarded during the annual Kalinga Literary Festival which is scheduled to be held on February 24-26 at Bhubaneswar.

Acclaimed writers and their books will be showcased during the event; Sanjeev Sanyal’s book – ‘Revolutionaries: The Other Story of How India Won its Freedom’, Kailash Satyarthi’s book – ‘Tum Pehle Kyon Nahi Aaye’, Hindol Sengupta’s ‘Sing, Dance and Pray: The Inspirational Story of Srila Prabhupada Founder-Acharya of ISKCON’, Ranjit Hoskote’s – ‘Hunchprose’, Pravin Kumar’s ‘Amar Desva’, Akshaya Mukul’s- ‘Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya’ and others were selected for this year’s KLF Book Awards.

“Literature is not just the reflection of the broader society and a messenger for a better future. It is also about a deep catharsis for the human soul. COVID-19 showed our vulnerability, helplessness and at the same time solidarity to fight it together. Time did not stop nor did the lived human experience. To celebrate this spirit of life KLF 2023 is here to engage with thought provoking ideas and the resilient human spirit. Apart from several dedicated sessions on contemporary debates and discourses in the public sphere, KLF Book Awards will add significant value to spread ideas while at the same time intends to redefine and contribute to the literary culture of India and the world,” said a statement from the literary fest.

Kalinga Literary Festival is an international literary festival held annually at Bhubaneswar in Odisha. Besides the annual programme at Bhubaneswar, other festivals organized under the aegis of KLF include Kalinga Literary Festival-Kathmandu, Mystic Kalinga Festival, Kandhamal Literary Festival and Maithili Literary Festival.

Annual Kalinga Literary Festival and Mystic Kalinga Festival celebrates the creative spirit of India and commemorates the literary diversity it offers, bringing it in conversation with the best minds in the world of literature within and outside of Odisha and India. Authors, academics, policymakers, literary cultural, political, and social activists, lawmakers, government officials, corporate leaders, spiritual thinkers, students, and people from all walks of life immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival and exchange opinions on their favourite authors and works.

Over the years, KLF has emerged as an annual flagship programme in the literary-cultural calendar of India with an unwavering focus to rekindle the bearing with literature and foster the culture of reading and writing, overlooking any artificially created hurdles. It offers a democratic international platform with a global appeal and bridges the gap between literature in English and other Indian languages, supremely rich with their literature.

KLF Book Awards, established in 2021, opens up the opportunities to identify, recognize, acknowledge, encourage and honour the literary talents across genres, for both established and new writers. The objective has been to shape future literary icons.

“We received hundreds of fantastic books and the jury members had a difficult time in choosing the best in each category. The path-breaking and thought-provoking contributions have been identified as the best representatives in their respective categories. The objective of KLF Book Awards have been to contribute to debates and discourses in the national and global literary public sphere and encourage more reflective, thoughtful, and inspiring contributions. Dedicated sessions are planned on these books by the authors and erudite reviewers to enrich the literary and intellectual atmosphere at the Kalinga Literary Festival,” said Rashmi Ranjan Parida, founder and director of Kalinga Literary Festival.

KLF Non-fiction Book Award 2022:


  • Sanjeev Sanyal’s Revolutionaries: The Other Story of How India Won its Freedom (HarperCollins)
  • Akshaya Mukul’s Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya (Penguin)


  • Kailash Satyarthi’s Tum Pehle Kyon Nahi Aaye – (Rajakamal Prakasahn Samuh)
  • Akhilesh’s AKS – (Setu Prakashan Samuh)

KLF Fiction Book Award 2022:


  • Navtej Sarna’s Crimson Spring (Aleph Book Company)


  • Pravin Kumar’s Amar Desva (Radhakrishna Prakashan/ Rajakamal Prakashan Samuh)

KLF Poetry Book Award 2022


  • Ranjit Hoskote’s – Hunchprose (Penguin)


  • Pankaj Chaturvedi’s -Aakash Mein Ardhachandra (Rukh Prakashan)

KLF Business Book Award 2022

  • Piyush Pandey’s Open House (Penguin)

KLF First Book Award 2022

  • Farah Bashir’s – Rumours of Spring (HarperCollins)
  • Sumit Sharma Sameer’s Wake Up Ali…Wake Up Now (Fiction, Vitasta)
  • Pradeep Baishakh Faces of Inequality : Stories of the poor and underprivileged from India’s grassroots- (Notion Press)

KLF Women/Dalit/Tribal/Minorities Literature Award 2021-22

  • Machhliyan Gayengi Ek Din Pandumgeet- Poonam Vasam (Vani Prakashan)

KLF Children Book Award 2022

  • Zarin Virji’s – Gopal’s Gully (Penguin)

KLF Lifestyle/Biography/Environment & Emerging Trend Book Award

  • Bimal Prasad & Sujata Prasad’s, The Dream of Revolution: A Biography of Jayaprakash Narayan (Penguin)
  • Hindol Sengupta’s Sing, Dance and Pray: The Inspirational Story of Srila Prabhupada Founder-Acharya of ISKCON (Penguin)
  • Satyajit Ray Miscellany: On Life, Cinema, People & Much More (Penguin)
  • Abhay K- The Book of Bihari Literature-Edited- (HarperCollins)
  • Rama Shanker Singh – Nadi Putra- (Setu Prakashan Samuh)

KLF Book in Translation Award 2022

  • Jadunama: Javed Akhtar’s Journey (English) by Arvind Mandloi Translated by Dr. Rakhshanda Jalil- (Amaryllis; Manjul)
  • The Bride: The Maithili Classic Kanyadan By Harimohan Jha Translated by Lalit Kumar (HarperCollins)

KLF Bhasha Book Award 2022

  • Nepali: Ranjana Niraula- Anubhuti Ko Awataran – Kathmandu- Nepal (Shikha Books)
  • Maithili: Mahendra Malangia’s-  Dak, Ghagh aa Bhaddari (Malangia Arts), New Delhi
  • Kannada: Sreenivasa Murthy NS’s Shilpakala Devaaalayakke Daari – Kamla Enteprises, Bangalore
  • Odia: KamlaKant Mohapatra’s- Bou Hajila O Milia- 4Corners, Bhubneshwar
  • Malayalam: KR Meera- Qabar

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