ANI Photo | Ukrainian MP quotes PM Modi’s “This is not an era of war” remark

Ukrainian Member of Parliament Vadym Halaichuk quoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks, “This is not an era of war,” regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.
Earlier, on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Samarkand on September 16, PM Modi said “today’s era isn’t of war” while emphasising the need to find ways to address the problems of food, fuel security and fertilizers.
In an interview with ANI on Wednesday, Halaichuk said, “We are grateful to the phrase of PM Modi ‘This is not an era of war’. Given the weight and capabilities of India economically, politically and militarily, we are absolutely sure that Russia would have to listen to that message.”
“Unfortunately, they (Russians) didn’t show any understanding, so we hope that message will be repeated that it becomes obvious to Russians that they don’t have any support to continue the war,” he added.
This remark came as the Russia-Ukraine war is soon to complete one year and still, both countries are facing tremendous problems.
Halaichuk recalled the February 24, 2022 time when Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine and said that when he woke up on that day, the bombs started falling all over the country.
Bombs were dropped on civilian infrastructure as Russia believed it to scare everybody in Ukraine and beat the civilians but that wasn’t achieved, he said adding, “Ukraine is stronger now.”
“With the help of the international community, we’ve to fight the aggressor. We don’t believe Russia has shown any seriousness in ceasing the attack. No negotiations right now about ceasefire as we don’t see any desire on the Russian part for serious negotiation,” a Ukrainian MP said.
Referring to the Russian President’s recent speech in Moscow’s federal assembly, Halaichuk said that Putin’s recent speech demonstrated that Kremlin doesn’t have any intentions to de-escalate and start negotiations and it is threatening the world with Russia abandoning the nuclear arms restriction which is a wrong way to respond to what’s going on.
Meanwhile on Monday, in Ukraine, Head of the Office of the Ukrainian President Andriy Yermak, and National Security Advisor to the Indian Prime Minister Ajit Kumar Doval discussed the Ukrainian Peace Plan, a ten-point Peace Formula that provides comprehensive answers to the question of what needs to be done to end the war in a sustainable and just manner.
According to Yermak, Ukraine continues to fight on the battlefield, but at the same time has proposed a peace plan. The draft resolution on support for the principles of the UN Charter, which form the basis of the Ukrainian Peace Formula, will be considered by the UN General Assembly on February 23, according to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s official website. (ANI)

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