Photo courtesy: Bhaskar Dev Konwar

A passenger onboard an IndiGo flight from Guwahati to Delhi has caused a stir after allegedly vomiting and urinating inside the cabin, leaving fellow passengers and cabin crew in a state of discomfort.

According to reports, the passenger was in an inebriated state and first vomited on the aisle before proceeding to urinate near a toilet onboard the Delhi-bound IndiGo flight on March 26.

The ordeal was shared by Bhaskar Dev Konwar, who posted a photo of the incident on Facebook and praised the cabin crew for handling the situation “exceptionally well”. Konwar added that the cabin crew had to clear the mess left by the drunk passenger, and that “leading lady Shewta” had done an excellent job.

“Leading lady Shewta cleaned up all the mess and all the girls managed the situation exceptionally well. Salute girl power,” Konwar wrote.

It remains unclear whether Konwar, who identified himself as a Guwahati-based lawyer on Facebook, was a co-passenger or he sourced the image from someone else.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of passengers and crew on flights, with many questioning whether airlines are doing enough to ensure that such incidents are not repeated. There is no information on whether IndiGo has reprimanded the allegedly drunk passenger.

This is not the first time that Indian airlines have faced such incidents. Just a few days ago, Mumbai police booked two flyers travelling from Dubai to Mumbai for allegedly being drunk and misbehaving with the crew.

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