ANI Photo | Educationist losing life in tribal feud in Pak serves as reminder of growing tribal violence: Report

The recent incident of an educationist losing his life in a tribal feud in Pakistan serves as a reminder of the growing tribal violence, according to a report in Pakistan based The Express Tribune newspaper.
As per The Express Tribune, this unfortunate event, which was sparked between two tribes of Sindh’s Kandhkot, underscores the urgent need to address the issue of tribal feuds.
Tribal feuds have long been a persistent problem in the rural areas of Pakistan, where conflicts are often resolved through violence, resulting in loss of life, property and social stability. These feuds are typically fueled by historical, cultural and personal grievances that are deeply ingrained in the social fabric of the regions.

Consequences can escalate rapidly, perpetuating a cycle of violence that spans generations, leaving indelible scars on upcoming generations. Education, often hailed as a catalyst for progress and development, should never be caught in the crossfire of such feuds.
A pivotal role is played by educationists and scholars in shaping the minds of future generations, imparting knowledge, promoting critical thinking and fostering tolerance and understanding.
Educational curricula should incorporate lessons on conflict resolution, mediation and peaceful coexistence to equip students with the skills needed to navigate complex social dynamics. The loss of such professionals is a tragic setback, not only for their families and community but also for society at large, The Express Tribune reported.
A multifaceted approach is required to effectively address tribal feuds which includes addressing the underlying causes of conflicts through dialogue, trust building and fostering reconciliation among warring parties.
According to The Express Tribune, the approach should also involve providing access to education, economic empowerment and social integration to prevent the perpetuation of intergenerational feuds. The deep rural-urban divide also remains a significant factor that needs to be addressed. Simultaneously, it is equally essential to strengthen law enforcement and hold those responsible for inciting violence accountable. (ANI)

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