ANI Photo | I don’t know if there is any chance, says Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool’s Premier League top four chances

Liverpool played out a draw against Chelsea on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge.
Jurgen Klopp’s men were left frustrated at the end of the game as a single point has put a major dent in their hopes of making it into the Top Four of the Premier League. With 43 points Liverpool currently sits in the eighth position and seven points behind the UEFA Champions League spot.
Jurgen Klopp finally addressed the big question, which has been dogging his team for quite some time.

“I don’t know if there is any chance, for that we must win pretty much all the games and the other teams must lose a lot of games. It’s not in our hands, I cannot say, what can I say about that? It’s not important. If you would be only motivated on the highest level if somebody tells us, ‘Oh, you have a chance for the top four…’ Then if we are not fourth, then I want to be fifth, if we are not fifth, then we want to be sixth, so that’s what I want to be. For that we have to win football games, because in the moment I don’t even know where we are exactly. Eighth? Seventh? Ninth? I don’t know – it’s not interesting,” Klopp said in the post-match conference.
The next ten games will define Liverpool’s season, they are not a part of any competition and if they fail to make it to the UCL spot, Liverpool could play in the UEFA Europa League with a squad that has the potential to win any trophy in front of them.
“We have another 10 games to play and the next one is Arsenal. Not the other nine, I am not interested in [those games]. But the next one is Arsenal, so if we are difficult to beat against Arsenal we can win this game. If not, Arsenal will just go over us and then we will see. With one point, the steps, how I said, are not massive,” Klopp said.
“If you win a football game, all of a sudden three points for one game; wow, things can look different. But for the moment we have no lack of goals, or lack of where we want to end up; we want to be as successful as possible. But that means for each weekend, or for each midweek game, like today, we want to win it. I saw that tonight and for that, I am fine,” Klopp continued.
In a single game, Liverpool could define their season. If they walk out with three points against Arsenal on Saturday they would leapfrog straight to the sixth position with four points keeping them away from the Top four spot. (ANI)

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