Mizrab, the first music training academy in Kashmir

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ANI Photo | Mizrab, the first music training academy in Kashmir

While the youth of Kashmir Valley are making their mark in acting and film making, they are also doing admirable work in singing.
In Irfan Bilal’s Sangeet Academy, children of different ages are getting training in singing and music. In the academy, these children are well trained in the fundamentals of singing as well as playing various musical instruments, Kashmiri folk songs, ghazals and classical music. Apart from this, children are also introduced to modern style of music.
Many students come not only from Srinagar but also from other districts to get training in the academy. Some of them want to make a name for themselves in singing. Bilal and Irfan say that more than 120 children are currently learning music in our academy. There are a good number of girls as well as boys.
Like Sur and Taal, Irfan and Bilal have been running this academy together since 2013. Although they faced many difficulties in the beginning. However, with courage they have been training young people who have made their mark in the field of Sangeet.
They want to make dreams come true. These masters of Sangeet also have the honour of having introduced the Vesaran style in the traditional Kashmiri folk, due to which their songs became extremely popular. People liked not only their music but also their singing.

Irfan and Bilal say that for a few years now, the youth here are inclined towards learning music along with other fields, not only as an amateur but often now as a profession.
In Sharat Kashmiri singers Irfan Nabi and Bilal Ahmed’s Kashmiri songs ‘Zamane Pokh Na Hum Dum Toti Kya Go, Tamas Gayi Zalf Brahm, Toti Kya Go’ became quite popular. After that the singer duo came to be known as Irfan Bilal and today it seems that it is not two but one person. Irfan and Bilal are among the famous artists of Kashmir Valley.
They have won a lot of respect from fans by performing their art not only in the country but also in foreign countries. Nowadays, they are working on some new Kashmiri songs which will be released very soon. People will get to listen. Bilal teaches vocal to children while Irfan does the work of teaching Rabab, Guitar, Tabla and Santoor and with this juggling act his academy is progressing successfully.
The young people who are being trained officially pay the monthly fee. But in Irfan Bilal’s academy, many poor children are also receiving training in music and singing who cannot pay the monthly fee.
In this case, they are given free training in Geet Sangeet at the academy. Irfan and Bilal say that our focus is to acquaint the students with traditional and folk Geet Sangeet because if the budding artistes have a better understanding of their traditional music, they will Going forward we can preserve our Kashmiri Folk Sangeet better and cultivating Kashmiri Folk Sangeet is the need of the hour.

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