ANI Photo | Democracy in Pakistan hanging by thread and judiciary can save it: Imran Khan

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said the country’s democracy is hanging by a thread and added that the judiciary can only save the democracy in Pakistan.
In his address to the nation, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said, “Today, our democracy is hanging by a thread and the judiciary can save it.” “This mafia is going all out in attacking the judiciary, so I first ask the nation to stand with our judiciary and Constitution.”
Coming down hard on Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif for targeting Supreme Court and the Chief Justice during his tenure as Pakistan PM, Imran said, “When Nawaz Sharif came to power by a 3-2 majority, he came to know that judiciary was in its way, he attacked Supreme Court and targeted the Chief Justice with sticks.”
“Nawaz Sharif destroyed an independent judiciary [in the past] and when an independent judiciary is destroyed, your independence goes with because the judiciary protects your fundamental rights,” he said.
Imran also expressed gratitude to the judiciary for saving him from going to jail. He added, “I am also thankful to the public that came out the ones who were peaceful because my supporters, voters and workers have always remained peaceful in our 27 years of politics.”
The PTI chairman said as many as 145 cases have been registered against him, adding that they were “bogus cases.” He claimed that there was a plan to kill him in 2022 and he has the names of those involved in it.
On the civilian protests and rioting that gripped Pakistan after his arrest, the former prime minister said vandalism is not his philosophy.
“I know that a plan was devised to kill me [last year]. I know the names of all the actors involved in it, from top to bottom. I know who gave the green ahead. I know who gave the green light to the person..and colluding with them were two civilians – Shehbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah,” Imran said.
“When I was shot, shouldn’t there have been vandalism? Why didn’t it happen then? Because this is not my philosophy,” he added.
He added that Section 144 was imposed when an election rally was planned in March. He said those who want elections don’t need anarchy.
PTI chairman said, “All of you have to understand that people who want elections don’t need anarchy. And those who fear they will be destroyed in elections …they want anarchy.” In his address, Khan spoke about the police raid at his residence in Lahore.
“On March 18, when I went to the magistrate’s court in Islamabad. When I reached the toll plaza in Islamabad, they attacked my house in Lahore with an armoured car. They broke the gate with an armoured vehicle without the decision of the Lahore High Court,” Imran said.
“The Lahore High Court’s decision was that only two people can come to my house with the search warrant. 45 policemen broke in, looted the house and beat people and Bushra begum was alone at the house,” he added.

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