ANI Photo | “Insult to Adheenams”.. BJP slams Swami Prasad Maurya’s “Brahminism” remark

In a sharp retort to the the Samajwadi Party’s allegations of “Brahminism”, the government on Sunday termed the remarks as “comical and reek of ignorance”.
Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya had accused the BJP-led Centre of inviting only “Brahmin gurus” for the inauguration of the new parliament building while ignoring other religious leaders.
“The allegations of Brahminism made by the Samajwadi Party are comical and reek of ignorance. These Adheenams are run by communities that come under backward caste and OBC categories. They have a rich history of Tamil literature that worships Lord Shiva,” government sources told ANI.
The remarks were termed as an insult to the Adheenams (chief priets of Shaivism mutts) and to the diversity of Hinduism.
“It is an insult to these holy Adheenams and to the diversity of Hinduism to make such comments,” the government sources made.
Maurya, in a tweet, had said, “It is extremely unfortunate that only fundamentalist Brahmin gurus of the South were called in the installation worship of Sengol. If the BJP government had faith in India as a secular sovereign nation, then all the religious leaders of the country, such as Buddhist Dharmacharyas (monks), Jain Acharyas (sages), Guru Granthis, Muslim religious leaders (Maulana), Christian religious leaders (Pastor) etc. should have been invited”.
“By not doing so, BJP has shown its corrupt mentality and disgusting thinking. Although the BJP government is going on the path of monarchy by establishing the Sengol, it is also trying to establish Brahminism by calling the Brahmin religious leaders of the South,” he added.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday dedicated the new parliament building to the nation by unveiling a plaque and installing the ‘Sengol’ in the Lok Sabha chamber.
The prime minister felicitated some of the workers involved in the construction of the new building. He handed over mementoes to them.
Prime Minister Modi installed the sacred ‘Sengol’ in the new Lok Sabha chamber, right next to the Speaker’s chair, after performing puja. PM Modi also performed sashtang pranam (prostration) before the ‘Sengol’ as a mark of respect during the ceremony.
A ‘sarva dharma prarthana’ (multi-faith prayer) ceremony was held at the new parliament building on Sunday.
At the sarva-dharma prarthana, the religious leaders chanted prayers of their respective faiths.
The newly constructed building of parliament, which will work to further enrich India’s glorious democratic traditions and constitutional values, is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that will help the parliamentarians to perform their functions in a better way.
The new complex is designed to enable 888 members sit in the Lok Sabha.
In the present building of the parliament, there is a provision for the sitting of 543 members in the Lok Sabha and 250 in the Rajya Sabha.
Keeping in view the future requirements, arrangements have been made for a meeting of 888 members in the Lok Sabha and 384 members in the Rajya Sabha in the newly constructed building of the Parliament. The joint session of both Houses will be held in the Lok Sabha Chamber.

This report is filed by ANI news service.

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