ANI Photo | Premier League: Relegation battle heats up as only four games to play

The Premier League season is reaching its end with only four games left to play. The bottom three teams in the premier league table get relegated and play in the EFL Championship. This means if they want to compete in the Premier League they have to finish at either 1st or 2nd position in the EFL Championship.
This season we saw some of the underdog teams taking on the powerful sides of the league. On the other hand, what surprised the fans is to see that, some excellent teams are fighting to clear the relegation battle. Currently, Southampton, Everton and Nottingham Forest are in the relegation zone.
At the bottom of the league is Southampton with 24 points in hand. The fans and the players already know that their team is likely to be relegated, as there seems to be no chance to clear the relegation zone with only four games left to play. Last season Southampton finished 15th in the table. Their next four matches are against Nottingham Forest, Fulham, Brighton Hove and Albion and Liverpool.

Everton is in the 19th position, this came out to be a shock for the fans as they would have never wondered that their team would be fighting to clear the relegation table. The reason for their degradation could be frequent managerial changes that happened during the season. Though last season(2022), Everton didn’t perform well as they just managed to stay in the Premier League. They finished 16th in the table only clearing the relegation by four points. They will be playing their next four matches against Brighton Hove & Albion, Manchester City, Wolves and Bournemouth.
The most exciting part of this year’s English League is that three teams, Leicester City (16th), Leeds United (17th) and Nottingham Forest (18th) have 30 points to their name and all are in peril of failing in the relegation zone. These three teams have just four games left and it will be fun to watch who comes out on top and which team falls down in the relegation table. Everton too, is trying to go toe-to-toe with these teams as they have 29 points.
It seems Leeds United hasn’t improved from their last season’s performance. Last year Leeds finished 17th in the table, clearing the relegation zone by just three points. This year, Leeds is again to be found in the same position and is in greater danger. Their remaining matches are against Manchester City, Newcastle United, West Ham and Tottenham.
The 2016 Premier League Champions Leicester City, who finished 8th in the last season (2022), are struggling to even make it to the top 10 in this season. Sitting in the 16th position with 30 points on board and four games left to play, the Foxes have to pull up their socks for a better finish of the season. They’ll be playing up against Fulham, Liverpool, Newcastle and West Ham. (ANI)

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