Bhutan National Assembly adopts National Identity Bill of 2023

bhutan national assembly adopts national identity bill of 2023 – The News Mill

ANI Photo | Bhutan National Assembly adopts National Identity Bill of 2023

Recently, the National Assembly of Bhutan adopted the National Digital Identity Bill of 2023, marking an important milestone in the country’s digital transformation journey, Bhutan-based The Bhutan Live reported.
As many as 42 members of the assembly have offered support to the bill, showcasing a shared vision for the advancement of digital identity management. The National Digital Identity Bill of 2023 aims to establish a robust framework for managing digital identities in Bhutan, The Bhutan Live reported.
By leveraging digital technologies, the Bhutan government intends to bolster efficiency, security, and convenience for people in their interactions with public services, businesses, and other stakeholders. The adoption of the bill demonstrates a significant step in the creation of a secure and reliable digital ecosystem that can facilitate various online transactions and services.
During the adoption of the bill, the National Assembly stressed on the principle of equality by supporting the imposition of equal penalties for all users, including members of the governing body and administrative body of the National Digital Identity System, The Bhutan Live reported.
This decision demonstrates the importance of accountability and ensuring that all the people engaged in managing the digital identity system are subject to the same consequences in cases of offences or lapses. Despite receiving support for the bill, some members of the National Assembly expressed concerns over the perceived disparity in penalties for the governing Body and the administrative body in comparison to common users, as per the news report.
The concerns regarding the bill were raised on Friday, reflecting that the penalties imposed on these governing bodies were comparatively lighter, potentially resulting in a lower level of accountability, The Bhutan Live reported. The National Digital Identity Bill of 2023 will now be moved to the National Council for further deliberation.
The next step in the legislative process will give an opportunity for the bill’s provisions to be scrutinized, debated and potentially amended. The National Council, which includes representatives from various sectors and interest groups, will play a significant role in refining the bill to ensure it aligns with the aspirations and requirements of Bhutan’s digital ecosystem.
The concerns raised by certain members of the National Assembly over the penalties for the Governing Body and the Administrative Body demonstrate the importance of fair and equal treatment under the law, The Bhutan Live reported.
As the bill moves to the National Council, it offers an opportunity to address these concerns and ensure that the penalties for governing bodies are appropriately aligned with those imposed on common users. This measure will help enhance transparency, trust and accountability within Bhutan’s digital identity system.
The adoption of the National Digital Identity Bill of 2023 by the National Assembly demonstrates Bhutan’s commitment to harnessing the potential of digital technologies to benefit people, the report said. By creating a comprehensive framework for digital identity management, Bhutan aims to create a secure and efficient digital ecosystem.
The forthcoming deliberations regarding the bill in the National Council provide an opportunity to address the concerns raised by the lawmakers and ensure the equitable implementation of the bill, the report said. As Bhutan moves further into the digital era, the legislation will play a key role in shaping the digital identity landscape of the country and boosting inclusive digital transformation.

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