ANI Photo | Chod Cham: A spiritual practice of selflessness, compassion, and liberation

The Nagi Gompa mountaintop abbey is a sanctuary of spiritual awakening on the outskirts of Kathmandu where a powerful tradition known as Chod Cham has been practised for centuries, Bhutan Live reported.
Chod Cham which is a spiritual practice of selflessness, compassion, and liberation is a tradition that serves as a portal to cut through the illusion of ego and the trappings of dualistic thinking.
According to Bhutan Live, Vajrayana Buddhism’s origins can be located in the Indian subcontinent, where such profound practices were created by ancient Buddhist gurus.
It’s interesting to note that Padmasambhava, a prominent person in the lineage of Nagi Gompa and the terma teachings, is thought to have come from Uddiyana, a former kingdom mentioned in numerous Buddhist writings.
Padmasambhava’s teachings and practices, eventually reaching Tibet and further carried to Nepal, sowed seeds of spirituality in the icy heights of the Himalayas, thus forging a profound, interwoven bond between these nations, Bhutan Live reported.
This Indian connection is a vibrant thread in the intricate web of Nagi Gompa’s traditions, adding to the dance of Chod Cham’s profound sense of interconnection and shared ancestry.

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