ANI Photo | Telangana Minister Harish Rao slams Congress party’s “anti-farmer stance on electricity supply”

Telangana Minister Harish Rao (File Photo/ANI)

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], July 14 (ANI): Telangana Minister for Health and Finance, Harish Rao addressing the media at the BRS Party office in Hyderabad, criticized the Congress party’s position on electricity supply to farmers.
He accused Congress leaders of neglecting the pressing issue of farmers’ electricity needs and propagating misleading claims that a mere three-hour supply is sufficient.
He emphasized that Telangana stands as the sole state in the country that provides high-quality free electricity to its farmers under the leadership of KCR. In stark contrast, during the Congress’ previous tenure, farmers were subjected to a paltry four to five hours of electricity.
Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao’s vision aims to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply for three crop cycles, thereby significantly enhancing agricultural productivity. “BRS stands for three crop cycle, Congress stands for 3 hours electricity and BJP stands for spreading fire over religion,” he said.
He further stated that both Congress and BJP-ruled states lack round-the-clock electricity, despite growing demands for such provisions, particularly in regions governed by the Congress party. He reminded the public of the Congress party’s failed promises to deliver quality free electricity during their previous term.
In addition, Rao criticized Congress leader Adnaki Dayakar’s proposal to install meters on bore wells, citing opposition from Sonia Gandhi herself who seems to be against the notion of free electricity. He assured that CM KCR himself had stated in the assembly that he will not burden the farmers with meter installations on their motors and prioritize their welfare above all.
Reflecting upon the past, Minister Harish Rao said that during KCR’s tenure as Deputy Speaker in the TDP government, he had corresponded with Chandrababu Naidu, urging him to reduce electricity charges for farmers. However, following the unfortunate incident of farmers being shot during a protest under Naidu’s leadership, KCR resigned from his position, subsequently founding the TRS party to fight for statehood and address the grievances of farmers.
The Minister added that the government prioritised the well-being of the state’s 65 lakh farmers over Rs 35,000 crores which was a loss to the government as a result of the absence of bore well meters.
He also condemned the threats directed at BRS leader Dasoju Shravan and called for constructive political debates and discussions, urging a departure from intimidation and coercion.
In conclusion, Rao demanded an unequivocal apology from the Congress party for propagating false information regarding the electricity issue. He reiterated KCR’s unwavering determination to ensure uninterrupted power supply to farmers and highlighted the government’s substantial investment of Rs 37,000 crores in bolstering the rural electricity infrastructure

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