ANI Photo | UP: Moradabad chilli farmers incur heavy losses as crops get damaged due to heavy rains

Huge quantities of chillies were destroyed due to heavy rains resulting in heavy losses for Moradabad chilli farmers.
“After taking a loan, I sowed chilli crops in my field and watered them timely. I also applied sprayed medicines so that the crop do not get destroyed. I was hoping for good yield and profit, however, heavy rains have damaged the crops, and my hope of earning profit is diminished,” said a farmer.
Chillies are cultivated in Moradabad on a large scale, and around 100 hectares of land grow chillies. It is exported to many states including Delhi NCR, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.
Farmers earn good profits by selling chillies. This year the chilli harvest was good and farmers had expected good profits, however, heavy rains damaged the crops.
Earlier the price of chilli was Rs 5 kg, now it has increased from Rs 30 to Rs 50. Due to the incessant heat and rains, the chilli crops were damaged. The farmers are facing huge losses.
Farmers sowed chillies after taking a loan. But this time their entire crop has been damaged due to the heavy rains along with the scorching heat. Farmers are now mulling over destroying the chilli crop and sowing paddy

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