8th anniversary of Indo-Naga Framework Agreement

Separate flag, constitution key to solution: NSCN-IM on Naga peace talks
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Commemorating the 8th anniversary of “Indo-Naga Framework Agreement” at the Council Headquarters Church, Hebron, off Dimapur, chairman of NSCN-IM on August 3 said that the “truth of Naga sovereign identity was acknowledged by the Indian government on this day”.

“There is no greater achievement we can be proud of when the truth of Naga sovereign identity was acknowledged by the Government of India by signing the historic Framework Agreement on this day, the 3rd August, 2015,” a statement on behalf of the “Yaruiwo” (chairman) of the NSCN-IM/GPRN, said on August 3.

The NSCN-IM chairman also said it was not only an indelible chapter added in the Naga political history but a challenging task for the Nagas to stand the ground till the logical conclusion emerges.

Eight years down the line, it was an incredible journey with resilience and determination as “we wait” for the Government of India to act on what has been agreed upon, he also said.

The written speech added: “Notwithstanding the inordinate delay in implementing the Framework Agreement, I praise you all for having the courage and fortitude to put your heads high respecting the sanctity of the historic agreement”.

He added that Framework Agreement, “as we know”, is now the foundation on which the Naga political solution that is honorable and inclusive would be established. He added that there is no question of moving away in any manner or dilute the sovereign meaning of the “historic” agreement. He further added that history would judge “us if we fail” to protect the Naga sovereign identity.

The NSCN-IM leader then stated: “Let us stand alert to the fact that the world we live today is a ruthless world where there is no fear for betraying what God has given to the Nagas. If we scan the pages of Naga history we should know who have betrayed the Nagas and how the Government of India flattered the Nagas in the name of Naga solution in collusion with our own Naga leaders who have no respect for the historical and political rights of the Nagas”.

He also said that one should know how the present state of Nagaland was created. He added that it was created out of treachery and not by the expressed will of the Naga freedom fighters and Naga people. “We must learn from history and such a blunder should not be allowed to happen again,” he cautioned.

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