Another typhoon projected to hit Japan’s mainland, Honshu

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ANI Photo | Another typhoon projected to hit Japan’s mainland, Honshu

The seventh typhoon of the season has formed, according to Japan’s weather agency, and could make landfall next week near Honshu, the main island of the nation, Kyodo News reported.
Typhoon Lan, which had a centre atmospheric pressure of 998 hectopascals and gusts of up to 90 kilometres per hour, came close to Minamitori Island around noon, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.
Last week, Typhoon Khanun struck Okinawa, the nation’s southernmost island prefecture, inflicting dozens of injuries as well as a significant power outage, according to Kyodo News.
Parts of Kyushu’s southwesterly main island were expected to see severe gusts and torrential rain beginning on Tuesday evening.
Over Okinawa, bands of active rain clouds have developed. Through Monday morning, they might also appear in Amami and the southern regions of Kyushu, NHK World reported.
Given that Okinawa and Amami were both severely affected by the storm’s early approach, even modest rain or gusts could increase the probability of a disaster there.
The storm, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, is also bringing powerful wind gusts.
On Sunday, severe winds in Yaese on Okinawa’s main island caused a portion of a building to be blown away, blocking a road.
According to Okinawa Electric Power Company, as of Sunday at 5 p.m., more than 20,000 homes lacked electricity, NHK World reported.
It is anticipated that humid air will move into western and eastern Japan from the Pacific. Even before Khanun arrives, extremely heavy rain is anticipated to fall in certain areas in patches.

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