Devotees perform rituals on Aadi Amavasai in Rameswaram

devotees perform rituals on aadi amavasai in rameswaram – The News Mill

ANI Photo | Devotees perform rituals on Aadi Amavasai in Rameswaram

Thousands of devotees from near and far flocked to the sacred town of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu to partake in the solemn rituals of Aadi Amavasai, also known as Pidurkarma Puja on Wednesday. 
The serene Agni Theertham sea bore witness to the prayers and offerings made by devotees seeking to bring peace to their departed ancestors. 
Aadi Amavasai, a significant day in the Hindu lunar calendar, holds immense importance as it is believed to grant solace to the souls of ancestors through acts of fasting and special pujas. 
While some observe a fast on every Amavasai day, others opt for pujas performed in memory of holy places and the purifying act of bathing in holy waters during specific periods. 
Noteworthy, among these periods are the Udrayana holy phase of Thai and Masi months, as well as the Daksanayana holy season of Adi and Puratasi months. 
Devotees hold a firm belief that performing pujas dedicated to parents in Thai and Aadi months, relatives in Masi, and all beings during the auspicious Mahalaya Puratasi month brings forth remarkable blessings. 
Today’s Aadi Amavasai stood out for its special significance, drawing Hindus from all walks of life to Rameswaram. 
The sacred town witnessed a stream of devotees arriving in the early hours, eager to cleanse their spirits and seek divine blessings for their ancestors.
The day’s activities commenced with a purifying dip in the Agni Theertham sea, followed by rituals such as sangalpam, darpanam, pindam, gothanam, vastrathanam and food donation – all integral to the Pidurkarma Puja.
The sanctity of the Ramanathaswamy temple echoed with the footsteps of devotees, as they undertook a symbolic journey by bathing in the 22 holy wells within the temple premises.
These actions were marked by the earnest desire to connect with the divine and honour the memory of their forebears.
To ensure a smooth and orderly pilgrimage experience, the All India Pilgrim Guides Association diligently assisted devotees at each Theertha well, expediting the ritual bathing process.
The event also witnessed a robust security presence, with dedicated efforts from local law enforcement and hundreds of policemen hailing from various districts.
Their vigilant presence ensured that the religious proceedings unfolded without any disruptions, allowing the devotees to immerse themselves fully in the spiritual experience

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