ANI Photo | Divisional Commisioner Kashmir directs officials to switch over to e-Office completely

In a significant step towards modernising administrative processes, Kashmir Divisional Commissioner Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, has called upon the Head of Departments (HoDs) across all sectors to fully transition to the e-office platform.
The directive came during a crucial meeting held recently, where Bidhuri underlined the pivotal role of e-governance in streamlining official workflows for enhanced effectiveness.
“E-office is not just a tool; it’s a transformative mechanism that promises greater ease and efficiency in official operations. While some offices have taken steps in this direction, it is imperative that every office adopts the e-office framework,” emphasized Bidhuri, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive shift to digital modes of operation.
Beyond the digital shift, Bidhuri also turned its attention to enhancing the visual appeal of towns across the region. Directing district administrations, he stressed the significance of town beautification projects, stating, “Beautification need not be a complex and expensive endeavour. Simple yet thoughtful interventions can significantly elevate the aesthetics of our towns.”
The Divisional Commissioner noted that many of these improvements could be undertaken with minimal financial resources, underlining the potential for these initiatives to transform the urban landscape.
He urged local authorities to not only focus on beautification but also to embark on broader developmental projects that contribute to overall infrastructure enhancement.
The meeting also delved into various matters concerning employees falling under the Prime Minister’s employment package. Bidhuri meticulously reviewed the related issues, showcasing the administration’s commitment to ensuring the welfare of its workforce.
The combined push for digitalisation and urban aesthetics marks a proactive approach by the Divisional Commissioner and the district administrations, signifying their dedication to embracing change and progress.
As e-offices become the norm, and towns undergo rejuvenation, this multi-faceted strategy sets the tone for a more efficient and visually appealing future across the region

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