ANI Photo | Grand Book Release Event at Srinagar Showcases Kashmiri Literary Gems – ‘Parchaian’ and ‘Gul Snober’ by Majeed Arjumand Unveiled

A vibrant literary celebration unfolded at Awan-e-Adab, within the elegant premises of Hotel Shahenshah Palace, as the much-anticipated book release function of “Parchaian” and “Gul Snober” took centre stage.
Authored by the esteemed Kashmiri writer Majeed Arjumand, the event was graced by distinguished literary figures, including renowned author and writer Prof Qadoos Javeed, Vehsi Sayed, Dr. Nazir Mushtaq, NorShah, and Bashir Ahmad Bashir.
The dual book launch was a momentous occasion, marked by the unveiling of two literary gems that promise to captivate readers with their eloquence and depth. Prof Qadoos Javeed, a luminary in the literary world, and Vehsi Sayed, Chief Editor of Nagina International, jointly revealed “Parchaian” and “Gul Snober,” a fitting tribute to the enriching Kashmiri literary tradition.
grand book release event at srinagar showcases kashmiri literary gems parchaian and gul snober by majeed arjumand unveiled 1 – The News Mill
“Today, we gather to celebrate not just the release of books, but the enduring spirit of literature that resonates through the words of Majeed Arjumend. ‘Parchaian’ and ‘Gul Snober’ are destined to leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of Kashmiri literature,” Prof Qadoos Javeed expressed with fervour.
Dr. Nazir Mushtaq, President of the Fiction Writers Guild, added, “In the pages of these books, we encounter the soul of Kashmir intricately woven with the threads of Majeed Arjumend’s words. The exploration of human emotions and the essence of our land find resonance within these narratives.”
NorShah and Bashir Ahmad Bashir, distinguished personalities in their own right, joined hands in this literary voyage, emphasizing the significance of such platforms in preserving and advancing regional literature.
The presiding authority at the event was none other than the esteemed former HOD of the Urdu department at Kashmir University, who lauded the literary contributions of Majeed Arjumend. “Literature is the heart and soul of a culture. Majeed Arjumend’s creations beautifully encapsulate the ethos of our region, and these books stand as a testament to his dedication.”
The event was orchestrated by the collaborative efforts of Nagina International and the Jammu and Kashmir Fiction Writers Guild, exemplifying a united commitment to promoting the literary arts. Nasir Zamer, a well-known fiction writer, skillfully anchored the event, guiding the proceedings with finesse.
“As a young writer, it is incredibly inspiring to witness such a gathering of literary luminaries and to be part of this enriching celebration. Majeed Arjumend’s works transcend time, and ‘Parchaian’ and ‘Gul Snober’ will undoubtedly enrich the literary landscape,” Nasir Zamer noted with enthusiasm

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