ANI Photo | Kashmiri doctor sets records and inspires youth through her unique artistic journey

In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, Tabish Aijaz Khan, an accomplished MBBS doctor from the Iqbal Abad area of Anantnag district, in south Kashmir, has been making waves in the art world.
Alongside her medical profession, Tabish has carved a niche for herself as a self-taught artist with a penchant for transforming unconventional materials into breathtaking masterpieces.
Tabish’s artistic journey began during her childhood, where she found solace and joy in creating art pieces on waste materials such as Chinar leaves, feathers, stones, and discarded items. Her belief that nothing is useless drove her to turn these materials into beautiful artworks, defying conventional norms of painting. Gradually, her hobby evolved into a passion, and in 2016, she decided to share her unique creations on social media during the turbulent Kashmir Unrest.
To her surprise, Tabish’s art received overwhelming appreciation and support from the community, motivating her to delve deeper into her passion. Despite the challenges posed by communication blockades and limited platforms for artists in the region, she managed to excel in every art competition she participated in, although her ongoing medical education prevented her from taking part in significant events.
Tabish’s ability to balance her medical profession with her passion for art is a testament to her dedication and perseverance. Painting serves as a stress reliever for her during intense study sessions, reinforcing her belief in the power of art to soothe the mind and soul.
Her exceptional talent and creativity have not gone unnoticed. Tabish has been recognized with various prestigious awards, including the Women Empowerment Award presented by DC Anantnag on Women’s Day in 2021, the Kashmir Icon Excellence Award, and accolades from India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, and the IWR Foundation Award.
Speaking about her journey, Tabish expressed her determination to continue pursuing her passion under all circumstances. She attributes her success to her unwavering family support, especially from her father, who has been a constant source of motivation.
Tabish’s story serves as an inspiration to the youth, particularly in Kashmir, encouraging them to pursue their passions and have faith in their abilities. She believes that empowering oneself through meaningful pursuits is more rewarding than wasting time on futile exercises.
As she continues her career as a doctor, Tabish Khan’s innovative approach to art and her ability to turn waste materials into awe-inspiring artworks stand as a testament to her infinite capacity for creativity. Her achievements and dedication emphasize the importance of hard work and self-confidence in achieving success.
Tabish Khan’s story echoes the sentiment of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous words, “Art is the queen of all sciences, communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” She has combined her medical expertise with the language of art, breaking barriers and creating an impact that transcends boundaries

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