ANI Photo | Meet Kashmir’s Mudasir Dar who created world’s tiniest painting of Kaaba

A young artist hailing from the  Kulpora village, in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, credited for making world’s tiniest painting of Kaaba, is making global waves through his work being recognised at International level.
Mudasir Rehman Dar (28) has not only honed his creative prowess but has also channelled his artistic endeavours to shed light on pressing social issues through his visually captivating masterpieces.
Since childhood, Mudasir was drawn to the world of art. “I used to create artworks with profound messages. My focus was directed towards unveiling the shadows cast by social evils, such as drug addiction, child labour, and other injustices,” Mudasir said.
“Engaging in this form of artistic activism brings me a sense of serenity and fulfilment,” he added.
Mudasir’s artistic journey knows no bounds, traversing realms that merge the delicate with the intricate. With unparalleled finesse, he has created portraits on leaves, a testament to his ingenuity and ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Among his many feats, perhaps the most astounding is the world’s tiniest painting of the revered Kaa’bah (a cube-shaped building in Mecca, the most sacred Muslim pilgrim shrine).
Similarly, his portrayal of Masjid-e-Nabawi (SAW) captures the heart and soul of the magnificent structure, encapsulating the spiritual aura that envelopes it.
However, it is his leaf portraits that stand as a testament to his extraordinary talent. Using nature’s delicate canvases, Mudasir intricately captures moments and emotions that seem to flutter with life upon the leaf’s surface. The juxtaposition of fragility and resilience in his leaf portraits is both enchanting and thought-provoking.
Mudasir’s impact extends far beyond his canvases, as he passionately embraces the role of an educator.
“Art should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why I make a conscious effort to break down complex concepts into understandable steps,” Mudasir emphasized.
Recognized at both national and international stages, Mudasir’s accolades mirror the depth of his talent. His works have graced galleries across the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. A decade of experience has elevated him to a position of authority, one where he imparts wisdom and insight to those eager to tread the path he blazed.
“I believe in the power of art to create change. By guiding young artists, I hope to be a catalyst for a more enlightened and compassionate society.” (ANI)

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