ANI Photo | Pakistan’s “lopsided approach” in addressing issues at border with Iran causing more troubles: Report

Pakistan’s “lopsided approach” in addressing issues at its border with Iran is causing more trouble instead of solving the problems. However, the crisis is not limited to Pakistan’s agencies. The role played by ‘non-state actors’ of Pakistan also enhances the problem, Al Arabiya Post reported. 
The Pakistani terrorists have exploited the stretch of around 900 kilometres to develop safe havens in the region. Tehran has said that anti-Iran Sunni terrorists use their hideouts in Pakistan’s territory to promote terrorist activities in the Sistan-Balochistan region, Sara Hatoum wrote in the Al Arabiya Post report. 
As per the news report, it is believed that Pakistan provides shelter to anti-Iran terrorist groups like Jundullah, Harakat Ansar and Jaish-ul-Adl. The area along the Iran-Pakistan border often gets disturbed due to the arbitrary activities of Pakistani forces, Al Arabiya Post reported. 
In July 2023, heavy shelling by Iranian border guards was reported from the Chagai district of Pakistan’s Balochistan. The Iranian troops reportedly fired in response to frequent attempts by the Pakistani side to modify or construct illegal border posts in the region, according to Al Arabiya Post report. 
Earlier in July, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reportedly raised objection to continued attacks on Iranian border guards by terrorists based in Pakistan. In May 2023, five Iranian guards were killed in a clash with an unknown armed group attempting to enter Iran near the Pakistani border, Sara Hatoum wrote in the report. 
In February 2021, Iran reported an incident in which two people were shot dead at the border with Pakistan. The Pakistani terrorists keep on violating the fencing on the international border to target the forces of Iran, Al Arabiya Post reported. The Iranian authorities have been calling on Pakistani counterparts at Taftan border to enhance security measures along the border.
Although Pakistan and Iran have announced to create a “joint rapid reaction force” after a series of terrorist actions, according to the report, however, the decision seems to have limited effect on the ground. Pakistan’s failure to address the problems of its vast population living along border areas with Afghanistan and Iran which is pushing the problem towards these nations.
Pakistan’s denial of its role in complicating the issue is making Pakistani forces pay more in the border regions. In a statement released in June 2023, the Pakistani army said that two soldiers were killed when terrorists attacked security forces in Balochistan along the border with Iran, Al Arabiya Post reported. 
A major factor behind the volatility in border areas is the continuous flow of Afghan refugees in both nations, especially after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021. Pakistan is primarily concerned regarding the steady increase in the activities of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Pakistan’s fear of TTP’s infiltration forced them into expediting fencing work along its borders.

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