ANI Photo | Whispers of Pir Panjal landscapes: Umar Hasan’s artistic expedition beyond borders

Whispers of Pir Panjal landscapes: Umar Hasan's artistic expedition beyond borders (Photo/ANI)

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], August 25 (ANI): Amidst the serene Tehsil of Surankote, ensconced in the breathtaking embrace of the Poonch district, a visionary artist has been delicately weaving his dreams upon the canvas of reality. Umar Hasan, an autodidactic virtuoso emerging from the rich tapestry of the Pahari Ethnic group in Jammu and Kashmir, has dedicated the past half-decade to refining his artistry and infusing vitality into his imaginative tapestries.
Umar’s artistic voyage commenced after his early education at a local Government School. The brush and canvas became his tools of expression as he embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to embrace art as a lifelong companion. “Art has a unique way of speaking to people’s hearts and souls. It’s my way of communicating the unspoken emotions of the world,” Umar Hasan shared.
Guided by the nurturing hands of a dedicated teacher from his hometown, Umar’s talent blossomed. “I will forever be grateful to my teacher who recognized my potential and guided me through the initial stages of my artistic pursuit. Their support ignited the spark that still fuels my creativity,” Umar reminisced.
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Umar Hasan’s artistic prowess quickly gained recognition, propelling him to participate in various National-level Painting competitions. These platforms not only showcased his exceptional skill but also allowed him to connect with fellow artists across the nation. “Participating in these competitions was like a window to a world of diverse perspectives. It broadened my horizons and inspired me to push my boundaries,” Umar added.
Recently, Umar achieved a significant milestone by completing his graduation from Degree College Surankote, marking another chapter in his artistic odyssey. While his specialization lies in Painting and Photography, it’s the former that truly steals the spotlight. His artworks often embody the rich tapestry of Jammu and Kashmir’s landscapes, capturing the essence of its majestic mountains, serene valleys, and captivating culture.
Renowned artist Tariq Saifi stands as Umar’s beacon of inspiration. “Tariq Saifi’s works have an inexplicable aura that draws you in. I’ve always admired his ability to infuse life into his creations. It’s a dream to have my art resonate with people on such a profound level,” Umar expressed with admiration.
Umar Hasan’s talent transcends regional boundaries. He has represented Jammu and Kashmir twice on the National Level Painting Compilation, a testament to his dedication and unmatched skills. Additionally, his artistry has earned him two State-level First Prizes in painting competitions, solidifying his position as an artistic force to be reckoned with.
Umar Hasan gazes towards the future and his dreams extend far beyond the familiar horizons of Surankote. “I aspire to share the beauty of our local landscape with the world. Through art, I want to bridge the gap between cultures and touch the hearts of people who may have never set foot in Jammu and Kashmir,” Umar passionately expressed. His eyes shimmer with determination as he envisions his creations adorning international galleries, whispering tales of a land steeped in natural splendour and cultural mystique

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