ANI Photo | “Desperate to win 2024 Lok Sabha polls”: Annamalai hits out at INDIA bloc, DMK

In a scathing attack against the Opposition’s INDIA coalition and the DMK party, Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president, K Annamalai, on Saturday said that they are “desperate to win” the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. 
He further slammed the INDIA bloc over the recent controversies regarding the Anti-Sanatan Dharma and Ramacharitmanas issues and said that each leader is continuously “competing with each other” to insult the Hindu religion. 
“After facing a massive backlash from our country, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mk Stalin has conveniently given out a statement saying that nobody in DMK should talk about Sanatan Dharma any further as BJP is trying to twist their comments for political gains,” Annamalai said in a video released through his official handle on social media platform, X. 
He alleged that the INDIA bloc has joined together for “selfish gains and petty political reasons”.
“Now we all know the coordinated attack by the INDIA alliance, for the last two years, is part of a larger conspiracy to eliminate Sanatan Dharma, the greater dharma of Hinduism from our holy land. Essentially the group, the bloc called the INDIA alliance, we all know have joined together for their selfish gains and for their petty political reasons. That is why today they were forced to cancel their joint rally in Madhya Pradesh because people of the country have read through their designs,” he added.
Further, he said, “They were desperate to win the 2024 elections… Bihar education minister and a senior RJD Leader, Chandra Shekhar went one step further by calling the Ramcharitmanas in very bad language and in a very distasteful comment. Continuously each leader…were competing with each other to insult the great Hindu religion, trying to see who could come number 1.”
Annamalai said that the country is going through a great transition right now adding it is going to propel it to great heights.
“Now we all have to understand our country Bharat is going through the greatest transition that we have seen in the last many, many years. This transition is going to propel our country to great heights, not only economically, not only spiritually, not only culturally, but reviving our great glory of Sanatan Dharma back,” he said.
He further alleged that the leaders in the INDIA coalition are “hellbent” on spreading hatred in the country.
“Sanatana Dharma, by its very nature, we all know, is all-encompassing. It takes everybody together. It doesn’t discriminate between people. But all the leaders from the INDI Alliance are hellbent on discrimination, hell-bent on sowing the seeds of hatred, hell-bent on making sure they can create enough fault lines in our country in which healing doesn’t take place in the next many decades, in which all of these fault lines can be cultivated for political gains,” the BJP chief said.
Further, in an “appeal” to the DMK leaders, Annamalai said, “I would like to make an appeal to my friends from DMK that since you have learned a very hard lesson now, touching Sanatana Dharma will backfire on you very badly. I request you, advise your INDI Alliance partners also that if you have this evil design to take Sanatana Dharma as a pole plank, you will see the greatest defeat that any alliance or any single party has faced in a democracy that your alliance, INDI alliance will hundred per cent face in 2024.”
Annamalai further said that the recent move by the INDIA bloc against some journalists clearly shows their “evil design” adding they don’t want to face uncomfortable questions.
“And that is why recently when the India Alliance the forum that is supposed to take part in the media debates, blacklisted more than 15 journalists and very clearly we could see their evil design they don’t want to face the uncomfortable question in the media,” he said.
He added, “So this is the time we should remain very guarded keep these evil forces at bay not even give an inch for these evil forces to come back and deceit our country and take our country backwards which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is trying his best with all his might and power take back to its glory.” (ANI)

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