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Restoration of mobile internet services in Manipur on September 23 after 144 days is a significant development for the residents of the state. While violence and unrest remain a concern in the state, the step will go a long way in restoring normalcy in the state which witnessed major clashes in the past few months.

Here are some of the important things that can now be done easily – with the availability of mobile internet services.

  • Communication: The most immediate benefit is the ability to communicate freely through messaging apps, emails, and social media. This can help people stay connected with friends and family, as well as for work-related communication.
  • Access information: Mobile internet provides access to a vast amount of information on the web. People can now easily browse news websites, research topics of interest, and access educational resources. Besides, they will be able to very rumours which majorly added fire to the ongoing conflict.
  • Online learning: Students can resume online classes, access educational materials, and engage in e-learning platforms. This can be especially important for those who were unable to attend physical schools. Due to the internet blackout, online learning also stopped thereby affecting many students.
  • Online banking: With mobile internet, people can access their bank accounts, make online payments, and conduct financial transactions securely. Remember to be fully cautious about clickbaits and internet frauds while you access banking information.
  • Telemedicine: Access to mobile internet enables telemedicine services, allowing people to consult with healthcare professionals remotely. This is crucial for accessing healthcare advice and services, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. You can now easily order medicine online from the reputed e-pharmacies.
  • E-commerce: Residents can now shop online, order essential goods, and access a wider range of products and services through e-commerce platforms, which can be convenient, particularly during lockdowns or restrictions.
  • Government services: Many government services and updates are now available online. Citizens can access information about government schemes, apply for documents, and access other essential services.
  • Job search and freelancing: Job seekers can search for job opportunities online, apply for positions, and explore freelance opportunities. This can help in improving employment prospects.
  • Social engagement: Access to social media platforms can help people stay connected with their communities and participate in social and civic activities.
  • Entertainment: Mobile internet allows for streaming movies, music, and other forms of entertainment, providing leisure activities for residents.
  • Weather and emergency alerts: Residents can access weather forecasts and emergency alerts through mobile apps, ensuring their safety during adverse weather conditions or emergencies.
  • Online booking and reservations: People can book flights, hotels, and transportation, making travel planning more accessible.
  • Online shopping and payment: People can make online purchases, pay bills, and conduct various financial transactions without the need to visit physical stores or banks.
  • Remote work: Mobile internet enables remote work and virtual meetings, allowing individuals to work from home or collaborate with colleagues and clients from different locations.
  • Social and political engagement: Residents can engage in online discussions, follow political developments, and participate in civic activities more actively.

It’s important to note that while mobile internet services offer numerous advantages, responsible and ethical use of the internet is crucial. It’s essential to be aware of online security and privacy concerns and use the internet as a tool for personal and community development.

Welcome back online, Manipur!

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