ANI Photo | “How can ‘Mohabbat’ be compared with ‘Dukaan’?” asks Himanta Biswa Sarma

Slamming Congress MP Rahul Gandhi for his ‘Mohabbat ki Dukaan’ shop of love) remark, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma asked how can an eternal emotion like ‘Mohabbat’ (love) be compared with ‘Dukaan’ (shop).
“How can Mohabbat be compared to Dukaan? These are eternal things. When you talk about Mohabbat you have to always compare it with godly things,” Himanta said while speaking at ‘The Conclave 2023’ in New Delhi.
The Assam Chief Minister said that emotions like ‘Mohabbat’ cannot be compared to a materialistic thing like ‘dukaan’ because ‘dukaans’ are always associated with profit.
“For us, love between husband-wife, children-parents…these cannot be compared to dukaan. Dukaan is for profit. Mohabbat is pure,” the BJP Chief Minister said.
Taking on Rahul Gandhi for spreading such misleading notions, Himanta said, “The problem is Rahul, he gets all the wrong things from everywhere. If he is saying that he is the symbol of love, then it cannot be a dukaan (shop).”
Himanta further pointed out that if Rahul Gandhi is comparing ‘Mohabbat’ with ‘Dukaan’, then his ‘mohabbat’ is actually for votes. “If you are saying ‘Mohabbat ki dukaan’, then this Mohabbat is for votes,” he said.
Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Nafrat ke Bazaar mein Mohabbat ki Dukan’ remark hit headlines during his Bharat Jodo Yatra last year. Rahul had made the same statement after his recent visit to Bahujan Samaj Party MP Danish Ali’s residence when he was subjected to derogatory remarks from Bharatiya Janata Party MP Ramesh Bidhuri at the Lok Sabha last week.  
Further taking on Rahul Gandhi for allegedly carrying an empty suitcase on his head while wearing a red uniform like a porter at the Anand Vihar Railway Station at the national capital, Himanta said that he is defaming the porters by his act.
“If you actually want to share the pain of labourers who work at the railway station, you can have a meal with them. But why are you defaming them by putting an empty suitcase on your head and showing the world how strong you are….they are eternally strong, you are acting,” Himanta said.
“When it comes to people’s pain and misery you should not act. This is forbidden,” he added.
Speaking on Rahul Gandhi’s claim that businessmen do not dare to donate money to the opposition, Himanta said that Rahul blackmails businessmen to give money to the Congress.
“Rahul Gandhi does blackmailing in the name of businessmen so that they give money to Congress. That is why he repeatedly mentions Adani’s name,” Himanta said while speaking to ANI.
Slamming Rahul Gandhi for his silence on the recent meeting between Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar and Gautam Adani, the Assam Chief Minister questioned his ‘double standards’.
“His (Rahul Gandhi’s) own friend (Sharad Pawar) has appeared in (Gautam) Adani’s house. Will Rahul Gandhi now speak against Sharad Pawar? This shows the double standards of Rahul Gandhi. If I was seen with Adaniji, Congress would have attacked me…,” Himanta said.
On Rahul Gandhi’s claim that the Congress party is confident of winning in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and “very close” in Rajasthan, Himanta said, “How does Rahul Gandhi know that Congress will win in the upcoming elections? Is he in touch with EVM agencies?” (ANI)

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