ANI Photo | “We are working for 90 pc Hindus in country”: DMK amidst Sanatana Dharma row

Amid a nationwide controversy, triggered by the remarks of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s son on ‘Sanatan Dharma’, DMK spokesperson TKS Elangovan asserted on Sunday that five religions, including Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, had emerged in opposition to what they termed as the “so-called” Sanatana Dharma while stressing that it is DMK that is dedicated to working for the betterment of the 90 percent of Hindus in the country.
DMK leader and son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Udayanidhi Stalin stoked a row after he said that “Sanatan Dharma cannot be merely opposed but should be eradicated like Dengue, Mosquitoes, Malaria and Corona”.
The remarks drew immense criticism from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), with the Bharatiya Janata Party’s senior leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah terming it as an insult to Sanatan Dharma. 
Responding to this, DMK spokesperson said, “All those people who have condemned Udhayanidhi for his speech, haven’t condemned PM Modi for what had happened in Manipur.”
He said that a total of five religions in the North originated as alternatives to Sanatana Dharma. 
Elangovan clarified that Udayanidhi’s comments reflected the essence of Tamil culture, which advocates equality among all individuals, regardless of their birth or social class.
“What Udhayanidhi said is a very simple thing. He said what the Tamil culture is. The Tamil culture is all men are born equal…He didn’t want any difference by birth or by class…Buddhism had come in India, long back. Jainism had come in India, Sikhism had come in India…They are all against…If I talk about Christianity and Islam, they will say it is foreign. But I am talking about certain religions that had started in India only because of this so-called Sanatana. There were five religions in the North, which had come against Sanatana. It is not Udhyanidhi, it started with Gautam Buddha,” Elangovan said while speaking to ANI. 
Stressing that the DMK party is working for the people from backward classes, he said that the ruling party in Tamil Nadu is working for the 90 per cent of Hindus in the country. 
Regarding allegations that the DMK is against Hindus, he refuted them, stating that the party is working to ensure equal educational and employment opportunities for all, irrespective of their background.
“Why the country needed an OBC, SC/ST reservation. Because they were not allowed to study. And in the north still, people are fighting against it. Ambedkar fought against it. In the north many leaders including Karpuri Thakur fought against it. They are still fighting against it. They may say that we are against Hindus. We are working for the 90 per cent of Hindus of this country. We fight for them to make them study, to make them get employment…like other communities. That is what we intend and that is what Udhayanidhi spoke,” the DMK spokesperson added. 
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, while addressing a gathering in the poll-bound Rajasthan Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “For the last two days, the INDIA alliance has been insulting ‘Sanatana Dharma’. Leaders of DMK and Congress are talking about ending ‘Sanatana Dharma’ just for vote bank politics. This is not the first time they have insulted our Sanatana Dharma”.

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