ANI Photo | Many reasons not to vote for BJP, says Congress MP Shashi Tharoor

There are many reasons not to vote for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Wednesday while stressing that his party has no “magic bullets” but good governance to offer to people.
“I have to say that there are many reasons not to vote for the BJP. There is the unfortunate happening of the communal divide. There is rising unemployment, which is at record levels. There rising inflation, which hurts the average Indian family because in India for the middle class, 70 per cent of their budget goes on food,” Tharoor said while speaking to ANI.
He added, “We’re looking at some very serious, issues that will drive voters towards us anyway. I want to stress that, for us, there are no magic bullets, what we’re talking about is offering good governance and just governance to the people of India.”
On caste-based census, MP Tharoor said that if a census that involves social and economic factors is done then it will reveal a significant correlation between opportunities and economic prosperity and caste.
“All we are thinking of is what is the need in terms of justice in our country for people. Rahul Gandhi pointed out famously in Parliament that out of 90 secretaries to the Government of India, only three are OBCs. Why is that so,” the Congress MP asked.
Tharoor further said, “If we can do a proper census, which will involve social and economic factors as well, not only find out which caste people belong, but what they’re earning and what opportunities they have – we will find that there may well be a significant correlation between marginalization and caste. There may be a significant correlation between opportunities and economic prosperity on the one hand and caste background on the other. In which case, we need affirmative action programs.”
“Let us know the exact numbers. Otherwise, if you just invent your own numbers and give benefits as you wish, that’s not particularly just and justice is the name of the game,” he added.
Condemning the Hamas strike in Israel that has killed over 1200 in Israel, Tharoor said, “The entire situation has been provoked by the surprise attack by Hamas during a national holiday in Israel. It was done in the cruelest possible way.”
Explaining the reason why Congress has taken a slightly different stand on the Israel-Hamas issue, Tharoor said, “For us in the Congress party and traditionally for India our position is very clear. We want both Israelis and the Palestaninans to live in peace and dignity behind secure borders and conditions where neither has to fear for their lives any time.”
Over 1200 Israelis have died and 2700 have been wounded in the conflict that broke out in Israel on Saturday

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