ANI Photo | Tibetans-in-exile offer prayers for those killed in Himachal floods, landslides

Tibetans–in-exile offered special prayers for those killed in floods in Himachal Pradesh on Monday.
The Buddhist monks gathered in Dorjeedak Buddhist monastery in the north Indian hill resort Shimla at Panthaghati and offered special prayers.
According to Tibetan Buddhism, the 49th day after death is very important and they offer prayers for the souls of dead people as according to their belief that the soul leaves the body and area on the 49th day.
Scores of Buddhist monks gathered in Dorjee Drak Monastery at Panthaghati, the high Llamas offered prayers for the peace and next birth of those who died in Natural disaster.
“Tibetan local society, women Association and Tibetan Youth Congress organized special prayers for those who lost their lives in natural disasters. We offer special prayers on the 49th Day of the death of an individual. We offer prayers every week after death and also conduct prayers on the 21st day and the 49th day. It is important for good rebirth and to get to heaven after death,” Tsedup Yingyen, A Tibetan Buddhist Monk said.
“In Tibetan Buddhism, we believe and preach to work for all।sentient beings and so we have offered prayers to those who died in our surroundings,” he added.
Tibetan community–in–exile also expressed their solidarity with the families who have lost their closed ones due to the floods and rain in Himachal Pradesh.
“We feel very sorry that we have lost around 500 people in Shimla and throughout Himachal Pradesh due to floods and landslides. In Shimla, those people died 49 days back, in Hinduism and Buddhism 49th day after death is considered very important, as we believe that souls leave the place where we are and then go to the next life,” TenZin Sangrup, President Bharat Tibet Samanvay Manch HP said.
“On the 49th day, we Tibetans Youth Congress, Tibetan Women Organization and the Monks of Dorjee Dak Monastery did a special prayer for all the deceased,” Sangrup added.
On August 14, a flash flood hit the Shiv temple in Summer Hill in Shimla and 20 people died in it. Today on the 49th day after the death of those 20 people the Tibetan community has organized these special prayers.
As per data available with the State Disaster Management Authority since June 24 during the monsoon, so far 503 people died, 519 injured and 39 are still missing in the state.
Out of 503, a total of 147 people died due to floods and landslides and 356 died due to road accidents, drowning, fire and other reasons. 2941 houses were completely damaged, 12302 houses partially damaged, 421 shops and 7247 Cowsheds were also damaged due to floods and rain in the state in 169 incidents of landslides and 72 incidents of flash floods in the region

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