ANI Photo | Timing of Hamas attack “symbolic, picked”: Israeli researcher

Sarit Zehavi, President and Founder of Alma Research and Education Centre and former researcher in the Israel Defence Forces Intelligence Corps, has called the timing of the attack by Hamas on Israel as symbolic and she believes it was picked by the initiators.
Israel saw unprecedented bloodshed beginning in the morning of a Jewish holiday, as a barrage of rockets slammed into southern and central Israel on Saturday morning after Hamas launched an attack, the Times of Israel reported.
The attackers spread into more than 20 locations, killing 300 Israelis on the streets, in their homes and at an outdoor festival, taking some 100 hostages and injuring more than 1800, the report added.
Fifty years back on October 6, 1973, Israel witnessed, the Yom Kippur War, when asked if the timings of recent attacks were accidental, Sarit Zehavi said, “No, they are not accidental, but it’s not the reason.”
“The timing is definitely symbolic, and I believe it was picked that way by the initiators,” she told ANI.
Briefing on the current situation in Israel, she said, “600 people were killed since yesterday morning after the invasion of Hamas terrorists into Israel from Gaza… We have 2,000 wounded. And about 100 taken hostage, or maybe above 100 taken hostage in Gaza including children and women…”
Responding to what kind of international support Israel was seeking from the international community, she said, “First and foremost we need support in the United Nations and Security Council understanding that we didn’t declare war on Hamas or any other player. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist-organisations-controlled-Gaza declared war on Israel. This is a declaration of war.”
The death toll in Israel since Hamas began its attack has surpassed 700 people, according to officials, The Times of Israel reported citing Hebrew media outlets. Israeli forces continue to battle with Hamas terrorists as they clear out communities along the border.
According to the Israel Health Ministry, more than 2,243 people have been injured and brought to hospitals in Israel amid the ongoing situation, The Times of Israel reported.
The Health Ministry said that 22 of them are in critical condition, 343 in serious condition, 439 in moderate condition, 1,093 in mild condition, 50 are being treated for severe anxiety, and 187 are being treated by medical officials, according to The Times of Israel report.
Earlier on Sunday, Israel Defence Forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari called the Hamas attack a “war crime” and asserted that whoever took part “will pay the price.”
In a video statement posted by Israel Defence Forces on X, Hagari said, “Hamas brutal attack is a war crime. Taking women and children captive violates international law and goes against Islam. Whoever took part will pay the price. The war is difficult and challenging days lie ahead. The IDF is strong and will use every bit of its strength and power.” (ANI)

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