ANI Photo | Guatemalan Ambassador hails India’s historic Women’s Reservation Bill as landmark achievement

Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Karla Samayoa Recari heartily congratulated the Indian Parliament for passing the groundbreaking “Women’s Reservation Bill,” marking a momentous leap towards gender equality and political inclusivity.
She noted, “This is a significant achievement for women in the largest democracy in the world.”
Ambassador Recari was in India to deliver the 46th Sapru House Lecture on “Empowerment of Women in Guatemala: An Approach to Equality and Development.”
guatemalan ambassador hails indias historic womens reservation bill as landmark achievement – The News Mill
Despite the geographical distance that separates India and Guatemala, both nations share a common commitment to empowering women and fostering inclusivity in the political sphere. Over five decades since the establishment of diplomatic relations, these countries have solidified their partnership, creating a platform for cooperation and mutual support in various global endeavours.
Ambassador Recari underscored this unity, stating, “More than 50 years after the celebration of diplomatic relations with a common desire for peace and prosperity, we have solidified a platform for cooperation and mutual support in our interests worldwide.”
Guatemala, like India, has actively contributed to peacekeeping efforts by deploying female officers in conflict-affected regions. These officers have played a crucial role in the transformation of nations marred by instability, participating in projects such as the construction of schools, nurseries, hospitals, and skill development programs for the youth.
Ambassador Recari elaborated, “We had a presence in Haiti, where female officers participated in the construction of schools, nurseries, hospitals, and helped young people to learn skills for their life.”
Guatemala’s commitment to gender equality is further demonstrated in its constitution, which enforces a legal framework for equal opportunities and responsibilities between men and women, regardless of marital status. This commitment is grounded in the belief that all individuals are free and equal in dignity and rights.
Ambassador Recari highlighted the shared heritage of ancient civilizations between Guatemala and India, emphasizing the cultural and historical ties that bind these nations.
The passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in India is a testament to the nation’s dedication to fostering an inclusive society where women play a pivotal role in shaping the political landscape. This historic legislation aligns with the global call for gender equality and women’s empowerment, exemplifying India’s commitment to ensuring that all voices are heard in the corridors of power.
As India embraces this historic step towards gender equality, it sets a remarkable example for the world, emphasising the vital role of women in building a diverse and inclusive political landscape.

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