ANI Photo | Legacy of colonial laws burdensome for countries of Global South, says Dhankhar

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar highlighted on Monday that the legacy of colonial laws has been highly burdensome to the vulnerable sections in the countries of the Global South.
Describing these laws as very harsh, oppressive, and exploitative for the local population, The Vice President asserted that the time has come when Global South nations should follow India’s example and consider reviewing old colonial laws that perpetuate prejudice against local populations.
Dhankhar made these remarks while addressing the first regional conference on “Ensuring Access to Quality Legal Aid for the Vulnerable: Challenges and Opportunities in the Global South.” The conference has been organized by the National Legal Services Authority of India together with- the International Legal Foundation, the UNDP and UNICEF.
In his address, VP observed, “As the Global South embarks on its journey towards a brighter future, it is imperative to shed the shackles of its colonial past and strive together to reverse the historical wrongs that have perpetuated injustice and inequality. This is a common threat.”
Noting that India is in the process of reviewing outdated legislation, Dhankhar emphasized that it will bring about a sea-change in our outlook and totally contain, curb, and decimate those exploitative provisions. “The countries of the global south will do well to closely study the action that India has taken in these areas and apply them to their countries after suitably customizing,” he suggested.
Mentioning that just a few years ago, no one was even aware of the term ‘Global South’, Dhankhar credited the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for bringing it to the central stage and positioning it in a forum like the G20, which is primarily dominated by developed countries. The success achieved by the inclusion of the African Union in the G20 alongside the European Union is remarkable and very equitable, he added.
Asserting that India’s ethos of VasudhaivaKutumbakam is now translated into a ground reality, VP stressed that “the rise of global south would constitute the greatest stabilizing force for the world and it’ll generate the growth trajectory of the world.”
Referring to the shared history of colonial oppression and suffering, the Vice President underlined that we have a deep emotional connection as a nation with the nations of the global South culturally and otherwise. “The negative aspects of colonial rule bind us together. We have suffered through the ages and we have to mitigate the suffering by learning from one another,” he added.
Noting that deprivation of access to the justice system & denial of legal aid, present existential challenges to the vulnerable sections, the VP stressed the need to neutralize these challenges by affirmative policies and initiatives to secure justice for all. “Let’s strive for a world where justice is a fundamental right, accessible to all, regardless of background, circumstances, or location,” The VP said

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