ANI Photo | “Rahul Gandhi’s remark against PM shows his values…”: BJP’s Alka Gurjar on World Cup ‘panauti’ row

As the polling process is underway in Rajasthan, BJP leader Alka Singh Gurjar said on Saturday, reacting to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s ‘panauti’ remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that these kinds of statements reflect the values of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.
“Prime Minister is the Prime Minister of the country and not of any party. We may have differences ideologically, but by talking like this about a person who represents the country and who has gained a global reputation for the country, you (Rahul Gandhi) have shown your values and your party’s thinking,” said Alka Singh Gurjar.
Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally in Barmer, claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s presence in the Narendra Modi stadium was the reason behind India’s World Cup final loss.
“Our guys were playing well; they would have won the World Cup. But ‘panauti’ made us lose. The TV guys won’t tell you this but people know,” Rahul said.
Speaking about the ongoing assembly elections in Rajasthan, Alka Singh said that the elections in Rajasthan are being fought for good governance and the situation in Rajasthan has not been so good in the last five years.
“Voting is an individual’s personal freedom but I would like to appeal to everyone to vote thoughtfully. Vote for a party that can give respect to women, that can bring good governance, where youth can live their lives with self-respect and farmers can be prosperous, and for this, Bharatiya Janata Party is the only option,” said Alka Singh.
“In the last five years, the economic system of Rajasthan has completely collapsed. I appeal to all the people of the state to cast their vote on the lotus flower in order to strengthen the economic system of the state, to restore law and order and respect for women,” she added.
On being asked about Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s statement that this time guarantee was not made an issue, development works were not made an issue, government work was not made an issue but other non-issues were turned into issues by the BJP, Alka Singh said that if this is the thinking of Ashok Gehlot then she condemns it.
“Law and order is not such a major issue; it is the ‘prime covered’ duty of every government. The prime duty is that the law and order should remain strong; if it is fine, then there will be infrastructural development and the state will in turn develop but the law and order system (in Rajasthan) remained in tatters because their (Congress’) policies and intentions were only to save their chair,” she said.
The voting process is underway for 199 out of 200 assembly seats in Rajasthan on Saturday after days of hectic campaigning by major political parties, including the ruling Congress and BJP. Elections in the Karanpur constituency were adjourned following the death of Congress candidate Gurmeet Singh Koonar.
Polling began at 7 am and voters can cast their ballots until 6 pm.
Adequate security arrangements have been made to ensure peaceful and fair elections.
The ruling Congress is eyeing another term, while the BJP is seeking to replace the Ashok Gehlot government, with the party banking on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The counting of votes will be taken up on December 3

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