ANI Photo | Residents, cultural experts want historical sites repaired and preserved in Afghanistan’s Herat

The demolition of historical structures in the western province of Herat has alarmed both cultural experts and locals.
As winter draws near, there is a greater chance that historical places may be destroyed, so the government needs to act quickly to protect and preserve them, the residents have urged, according to Pajhwok News.
Devastating earthquakes that struck the province of Herat around a month and a half ago left over 6,000 people dead or injured and severely damaged property.
Several historical sites in Herat sustained damage as well.
While touring the grand mosque, Nasir Arab, a Herat citizen, spoke with Pajhwok Afghan News and stated that Herat is one of the historical provinces of Afghanistan and that the province’s institutions and government ought to restore many of its monuments and historic sites.
Another resident, Munir Ahmed, said the government must be determined to restore historic sites and repair damages caused to some monuments.
However, Pajhwok was informed by Syed Abdul Aziz Chishti, the grand mosque’s guardian, that multiple areas of the building were destroyed, including six garlands and four porches.
In order for the mosque to continue drawing tourists, he pleaded with the authorities to preserve it and move it back to its original location. He asserted that immediate attention should be given to the mosque, Pajhwok News reported.
Historical monuments, according to cultural specialists, are significant pieces of a country’s history and cultural character that have to be safeguarded for upcoming generations.
The earthquake survivors in Afghanistan’s Herat are devoid of access to basic life necessities and are living under unsanitary conditions, Khaama Press reported, citing a World Health Organisation (WHO) report.
This organisation highlighted that earthquake survivors in Herat face a number of health risks, including those related to infectious and waterborne diseases, mental health disorders, social and psychological difficulties, and the possibility of physical and sexual violence
The report also emphasised how urgently the people of Herat devastated by the earthquake require humanitarian aid and help to solve these serious health and well-being issues.
Since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, the country’s economic situation has deteriorated. The Afghans have repeatedly complained of lack of basic amenities under the interim government and the country is now heavily dependent on humanitarian aid.
A significant amount of humanitarian aid is needed to alleviate the long-standing problems of poverty and food insecurity, as well as to lessen the upcoming winter crisis.

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