ANI Photo | “They start a war every few years”: Hamas leader’s son rails against outfit in video released by IDF

 Hamas leader son Mosab Hassan Yousef (Photo/X:@IDF)

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 1 (ANI/TPS): Israel Defence Forces (IDF) on Wednesday released a video of Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of Hamas’s founding leaders, who is shown as purportedly saying that the terrorist outfit was responsible for the miseries and sufferings of civilians in Gaza.
IDF shared the video with a caption, “Born and raised into the horrors of Hamas. After years on the inside, he escaped and survived to tell. Watch the son of one of Hamas’ founding leaders, Mosab Hassan Yousef, tell the truth about Hamas.”
In the video, Yousef alleged that Hamas start a war every few years to earn money and the people of Gaza have to face blockades and violence as a result of the same.
“The people of Gaza are oppressed for so long and they had to endure siege, they had to endure violence. Many wars (take place) for the sake of Hamas lust for power and for Hamas political ambition. They start a war every few years. Whenever they want money, they shed children’s blood. This is their game. Single misfire killed hundreds of refugees taking shelter at a hospital and they blamed Israel,” he purportedly says in the video clip.
“Israel is not thirsty for the Palestinian blood. The Palestinian children, the Palestinian society has been hijacked by these criminals and anybody who takes their side is participating in their crime message. You risk the lives of defenceless civilians who entrusted you to govern them, not to use them as human shields,” he says further in the clip.
He also accused Hamas of prioritising their ideals more than that of civilian lives and said that the Hamas goal has always remained to harm Israel not to establish an independent Palestine.
“You lived in luxury while the refugees of Gaza started. You valued your ideals more than you valued human life. Your useless effort has always been to destroy Israel, not to build a Palestinian nation. Unfortunately, now Hamas left Israel and the free world as well, with no choice but to fight them and put an end for their violence. Many civilians are dying. I understand this. Their blood is on the hands of Hamas and Hamas only,” he says further in the clip.
Meanwhile, the Israel Defence Force (IDF) reported on Tuesday evening, its fighter jets, acting on intelligence provided by the ISA (Israeli Security Agency), killed Ibrahim Biari, the Commander of Hamas’ Central Jabaliya Battalion.
Biari was one of the leaders responsible for sending “Nukbha” terrorist operatives to Israel to carry out the murderous terror attack on October 7th. Numerous other Hamas terrorists were also killed in the strike.
In yet another example of Hamas’ lack of concern for the wellbeing of Palestinian civilians and using them as “Human Shields,” it had taken over civilian buildings in Gaza City as bases of operations.
The strike damaged Hamas’ command and control in the area, as well as its ability to direct military activity against IDF soldiers operating throughout the Gaza Strip, according to the IDF.
Also, underground terror infrastructure embedded beneath the buildings, used by the terrorists, collapsed after the strike.
The IDF reiterated its call to the residents of the area to move south for their safety. (ANI/TPS)

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