ANI Photo | UK: Right-wing members clash with Pro-Palestine supporters on Armistice Day in London

Moments before the Armistice Day two-minute silence in the United Kingdom on Sunday, a number of right-wing protestors clashed with Palestinian solidarity protestors.
The pro-Palestinian protests were calling for a ceasefire in Israel, the events took place in the country’s capital city, London, EuroNews has reported.
Many of the demonstrators carried St George’s flags, the red cross of the English flag. They marched towards the war memorial shouting “England ’til I die”.
Onlookers claim some of the protestors aggresively shouted “Let’s have them!” as police hit out with batons.
Bottles were also reportedly thrown at police by demonstrators, many of whom were wearing masks in an apparent attempt to hide their identities, EuroNews reported.
Several police officers attempted to stop them from reaching the Cenotaph in the UK’s capital but the group managed to push through, a video shared on the popular media site, X (formerly Twitter) has shown.
Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – better known as Tommy Robinson – the former co-leader of the English Defence League (EDL), an extremist right-wing group was in attendance, after calling for his supporters to meet in the capital.
The annual commemoration of those who have died through war, garners mass support each year, however this year, many pro-Palestinian supporters used the opportunity to demand a ceasefire amidst Israel’s ground invasion into Gaza.
The march drew criticism from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman because it coincided with the Armistice Day events, EuroNews has reported.
Prime Minister Sunak has been a rigid supporter of Israel since Hamas’ October 7 attacks on Israel.
Home Secretary Braverman has faced criticism over allegedly inflaming tensions after accusing the police of “playing favourites” when they refused to ban the main pro-Palestinian march.
Amid calls for Sunak to sack her, Braverman instead expressed her “full backing” for the British Metropolitan Police, reports EuroNews.
The clash comes amidst mass protests internationally surrounding the conflict in Gaza and represents the political tensions in Europe.

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