ANI Photo | BJP MP reminds RS of “Hindu Growth Rate” under Congress, says country now seeing “Hindutva Growth Rate”

Weighing in on India’s growth rate during a debate on the state of the national economy amid the prevailing global challenges in the Rajya Sabha on Day 2 of the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, BJP MP Sudhanshu Trivedi on Tuesday said the country’s robust GDP numbers reflect the “growth rate of Hindutva”.
In a veiled dig at the previous Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the Centre, Trivedi said the Indian economy was striving to go beyond 2 per cent, which was jokingly labelled as the “Hindu rate of growth”.
Addressing the Upper House during the discussion on the economy, the BJP MP said, “With respect to the Indian economy, I am being reminded of the days when the country was under Congress rule. Our country was made fun of back in those days and it was said, in a jocular vein, that our economy couldn’t grow beyond 2 per cent. It was ridiculed as the ‘Hindu Growth Rate’.”
Drawing a parallel between the state of the national economy in the Congress years to what it is in the present day, Trivedi said, “However, since the country came to be led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, our economy has been reaching new heights. The country is on the path to progress. at 7.8 per cent, we now have the highest growth rate among all the major economies of the world. Those who have a problem with the word ‘Hindutva’ are the same people, who were happy with a two per cent ‘Hindu Growth Rate’. Now it is no more a ‘Hindu Growth Rate’ but a ‘Hindutva Growth Rate’. Now, the people (who are in power) have faith in Hindutva,” the BJP MP added.
Crediting the forward strides of the national economy to Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, Trivedi said, “There is a tsunami in the entire world economy in which big countries such as America and China are struggling and those like Sri Lanka and Pakistan are battling to keep their heads above the water. However, even in the midst of this Tsunami, the captain of our ship Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding us rock-steady and resilient and leading us forward.”
Reinforcing his ‘Hindutva growth’ argument, he added that India’s fastest growth rate coincides with the ‘pran prathistha’ of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya next month

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