ANI Photo | Delhi Police file chargesheet against Kaushik Kumar Gupta for alleged fraud

The Delhi Police on November 22, have filed a chargesheet under section of fraud against one Kaushik Kumar Gupta claiming that the accused allegedly duped businessman Narendra Sharma of the sum of Rs 2 crore and interest.
The Chargesheet is based on the complaint of Narendra Sharma, who represents Kaison Housing Corporation, against Kaushik Kumar Gupta registered on February 28 for offences under Sections 420/ 465/468/471 of the IPC.
As per the complaint Narendra Sharma and Kaison Housing Corporation has allegedly been duped and defrauded by alleged accused. The complainant state that the alleged accused sought financial assistance of Rs 2 crore from the complainant to invest in Nickel Wire Import scheme claiming it would yield Rs 1000 crore in profit. The alleged accused was introduced to the complainant by an intermediary Shantanu Prakash.
However, the complainant claims that the accused allegedly cheated the complainant by not intending to repay said amount and gave false assurances of doing so. The accused claimed to have a credible credit score and has financial capacity to honour the obligations.
Based on these assurances’ complainant was induced to agree in a loan agreement dated June 24, 2022. The amount of Rs 2 crore was to be repaid by accused after 4 months from date of agreement along with interest. The complainant alleged that the accused issued a postdated cheque with intention to dupe the complainant which the complainant got to know later.
After the said completion of the date of the agreement the complainant approached the accused for repayment but the alleged accused remained elusive. The postdated cheque issued by the alleged accused was dishonoured by the bank on January 09, 2023.
The complainant then sent a legal notice to accused on January 27. Post the notice the accused allegedly sent a false reply on January 11 where the accused allegedly denied existence of loan and his liability.
The Police say they investigated the complainant and his bank accounts and it was revealed that Rs 2 crore was transferred to alleged accused KK Gupta and the same was corroborated when the Police investigated the bank statements of alleged accused KK Gupta.
However, KK Gupta claimed loan was never executed and that the amount of Rs 2 crore was against a consultancy service given to the intermediary Shantanu Prakash.
When the Police investigated Shantanu Prakash, he claimed that said signature on consultancy agreement were forged and he had not signed any agreement with KK Gupta.
The police further investigated KK Gupta and it was revealed that he had spent Rs 2 crore in 10 months on his personal life. KK Gupta also could not provide any law degree so his version of providing alleged legal consultancy to Shantanu Prakash was unacceptable.
During investigation on June 9 the anticipatory bail of KK Gupta was dismissed by the Saket Court. He was the arrested by Delhi Police and sent to 3 days Police custody.
In the chargesheet, the Delhi Police claims that during interrogation KK Gupta disclosed to the Police that he had taken loan from Narendra Sharma and issued a Postdate cheque.
He also acknowledged that he could not arrange Rs 2 crore and 55 lakhs to repay Narendra Sharma and that he had made up the story of the consultancy agreement with Shantanu Prakash. KK Gupta is currently on bail.
The chargesheet was filed in the Saket Court on November 22 by the investigation officer

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