ANI Photo | “Every soldier is like a member of our family; we cannot tolerate anyone looking down on our soldiers,”: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at Rajouri

Nearly a week after the terror attack on army vehicles at Poonch, in which four Jawans were killed, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh arrived at Rajouri on Wednesday to review security and said that every soldier is very important to us and every soldier is like a member of the family and we cannot tolerate anyone looking down on our soldiers and countrymen.
“I wish for the speedy recovery of our soldiers who have been injured. I want to assure you that, considering the seriousness of all the soldiers who have been injured, every effort is being made to take all necessary steps and no stone is being left unturned to take all necessary steps for their well-being. Every soldier is very important to us. I believe that each of our soldiers is like a member of the family; this feeling resides within all of us. This feeling resides within every countryman; we cannot tolerate anyone looking down on our soldiers and countrymen,” said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at Rajouri.
“Both security and intelligence agencies play an important role and this effort is being made continuously by them as well. This role will be more important in the future. Whatever cooperation is required from the government and whatever cooperation will be required from the government in the future, our treasury is fully open,” added the Defence Minister.
Speaking on the Rajouri encounter earlier this week, Rajnath Singh said, “I believe that such incidents should not be taken for granted. We need to be more alert. I know you all remain alert.”
Rajnath Singh also encouraged security personnel and said that their duties and efforts cannot be compared with compensation.
“You all have a sense of sacrifice for the nation. Because of the bravery and valour that you show, we all also feel a sense of pride. Whatever your sacrifice is in the service of the motherland, your duties and efforts cannot be compared with anything under any circumstances. Even if some compensation is given, it will not compensate for the sacrifice of soldiers,” said Rajnath Singh.
“I want to assure you that, as far as the government is concerned, the government stands by you and we give equal priority to your welfare and your convenience. We try to take steps based on whatever information is given to us,” said the Minister.
Rajnath Singh said that the Indian Army has become quite well equipped as compared to earlier.
Speaking about the Indian Army, Rajnath Singh said, “The Indian Army has now become much more powerful than it was before. The Indian Army has become quite well equipped as compared to earlier. You all are the protectors of this country. Along with protecting the country, I want to make a special request to you. The responsibility of protecting the country rests on you, but along with protecting the country, winning the hearts of your countrymen is also a big responsibility on your shoulders. Stay closely connected with the people of the country you are serving.”
“I believe that we aim to win the war. While we aim to eliminate the terrorists, our aim should be bigger; we have to win the hearts of our countrymen. We will win the war, we will win any kind of war, and we will eliminate the terrorists but at the same time, we have to win the hearts of the countrymen and a huge responsibility rests on the shoulders of all of you and I know very well that you will fulfil it completely. We try our best to fulfil it with dedication. May you continue to serve with courage, honour, and unwavering adherence to your values,” added Rajnath Singh.
Earlier, four Army personnel were killed and three others were injured after heavily armed terrorists ambushed two Army vehicles near Thanamandi in the Rajouri sector on Thursday last week.
Amid the recent increase in attacks on its troops, the Indian Army is planning to increase the number of troops in the Poonch-Rajouri sector to curb the activities of the Pakistani terrorists there, sources said on Monday.
“An additional brigade-size formation had been moved into the area a few months ago. It is planned that another brigade will come there along with a few other units to support counter-terrorist operations,” sources in the Army informed ANI.
The move is expected to strengthen the counter-terrorist grid in the area and increase the confidence of the local population.
The local police have also strengthened their intelligence network and are expected to beef it up further.
The Army is also conducting a Staff Court of Inquiry against the 13-Sector Rashtriya Rifles Commander, who is a Brigadier, for the recurring lapses in operations in which the Army has lost many troops.
The Staff Court of Inquiry is being headed by a Major General-rank officer who would also be taking responsibility for the deaths of three civilians who were taken into custody by 48 RR troops right after the Dera ki Gali terror attack, in which four troops were killed and their bodies were also mutilated.
Indian Army chief Gen. Manoj Pande also visited the Poonch-Rajouri sector today and is expected to visit again along with senior defence ministry functionaries this week.
During the visit, he was briefed by the top commanders about the current operations and the steps to be taken to target terrorists effectively in the coming days.
Sources said the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies want to revive terrorism in the Poonch Rajouri sector to pressurise the Indian Army to cut down troops on the northern border with China.
The security forces have also managed to cut down on terrorist activities in the Kashmir valley

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