ANI Photo | Ignorant forces depriving Muslim, Christian women of dignity: BJP’s Harnath Singh Yadav bats for Uniform Civil Code

Amid the ongoing debate on the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Rajya Sabha MP Harnath Singh Yadav said that though the constitution has directed to implement the Union Civil Code, some “ignorant forces” are depriving women of Muslim, Christian and minority communities of their dignity.
“Article 44 of the Constitution has directed the government to implement the Union Civil Code for all citizens. But some ignorant forces are depriving women of Muslims, Christians and minority communities of their dignity. The question is why are they not allowed to live a life of dignity? No one can discriminate based on religion, sex, community or language and is unconstitutional,” Yadav said speaking at the Rajya Sabha on Friday.
The BJP MP said that the UCC is not at loggerheads with any religious practice or marriage custom.
“The Uniform Civil Code has no relation with any religious practices or marriage customs. It is only related to humanity,” Yadav said.
Listing out the benefits to women of Muslim, Christian and other minority communities when the UCC is implemented, Yadav said, “If a Uniform Civil Code is implemented, it would imply that just like Hindu women, women from Muslim, Christian and other communities will have the same inheritance and legacy laws and adoption rules to take forward their lineage. It also means that the age of marriage and the procedure of divorce will be the same as well. They will also have the same alimony laws after divorce.”
“Like Hindus, every religious community should follow monogamy and will be able to marry once. Sons and daughters, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law will have the same right to inheritance,” the Rajya Sabha MP said.
Harnath Singh Yadav questioned the claim that any religion would be harmed if women are given equal rights.
“It is worrisome how a religion will come in harm’s way if women from that religion are given equal rights. Dose she lose her purity?” he questioned adding that 10 crore women from Muslim, Christian and Parsi communities should have the same privileges which strengthen women and give them respect and security.
Heaping praises on the Prime Minister, he said, “I praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing about the Women’s Reservation Bill and abolishing Triple Talaq.”
“To have unity in society and community, I demand the Uniform Civil Code to be implemented soon,” he said as he concluded his speech in the Upper House.
The Uniform Civil Code (UCC), which had been a hot topic that had polarised opinions over the last 4 years, hit the forefront yet again after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong case for the implementation of uniform legislation at a recent address.
A few months earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country cannot run on two laws and that the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) was in keeping with the founding principles and ideals of the Constitution.
“Today people are being instigated in the name of UCC. How can the country run on two (laws)? The Constitution also talks of equal rights…Supreme Court has also asked to implement the UCC. These (Opposition) people are playing vote bank politics,” PM Modi said while addressing booth-level workers in Bhopal

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