ANI Photo | Islamabad police locks up women protesters in van: Baloch Yakjehti Committee

The Islamabad police on Thursday locked up Baloch women protesters in a van, as per the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (Islamabad).
In a post on X, the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (Islamabad) said: “The police have locked the peaceful Baloch women protesters in a van and have gathered a large number of forces. We fear that the police are going to charge the Baloch women again with batons. Further, they have arrested Dr. Mahrang Baloch and placed her in a separate police station. The police are continuously harassing the protesters.”
Meanwhile, the Baloch Yakjahti Committee (Kech) said the Islamabad Police has transferred the arrested Dr. Mahrang and Seema Baloch to an unknown location.
“While, according to alarming reports, Dr. Mahrang has also been tortured. If the state wants to set fire to Balochistan, then repeat your history,” the committee said.
Meanwhile, hundreds of people in Balochistan’s Kohlu on Thursday closed the market and protested against state terrorism in Islamabad. They demanded the release of those arrested in Islamabad and to allow them to march peacefully.
The Baloch Yakjehti Committee shared a post on X highlighting the scenes from the Kohlu sit-in.
“Scenes from the Kohlu sit-in At present, hundreds of people in Kohlu have closed the market and sat in protest against state terrorism in Islamabad. The demand of the sit-in is the release of all those arrested in Islamabad and to allow them to march peacefully,” they posted.
Moreover, they also highlighted that the state has deepened the existing wound by arresting these people.
“Let the state understand that they have not only humiliated hundreds of people in Islamabad, but they have humiliated the entire Baloch nation and deepened the already existing wound,” the post added.
Moreover, standing against the state’s move to arrest hundreds of people who were protesting, the committee emphasised that they would not bow down and that the Baloch would no longer accept state terrorism.
“We will not bow down and we will not retreat an inch from our struggle. The state may use as much force as it has to, but the Baloch will no longer accept state terrorism and will continue to strongly resist it,” the Baloch Yakjehti Committee posted on X.

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