ANI Photo | Need for more balanced, representative, democratic UNSC: UNGA President

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President Dennis Francis has said there is need for a UN Security Council (UNSC) that is more balanced, more representative, more responsive, more democratic, and more transparent.
“As President of the General Assembly, I share the view that we need a Council that is more balanced, more representative, more responsive, more democratic, and more transparent,” Francis said while delivering his remarks at the ‘Perspectives on UN Security Council Reforms from Global South Think Tanks – The L-69 UN Security Council Reforms Event’.
He said conflicts are spreading across the globe. “The Security Council – whose primary responsibility is to maintain international peace and security – however, seems caught in a concerning state of paralysis,” he said.
He further said that the council with “the unsatisfactory discharge of its crucial mandate, is perceived as falling short of its mandate – consequently, compromising the credibility of the entire UN itself.”
The UNGA President said the UNSC’s continued inaction on matters that threaten international peace and security is damaging.
As per Francis, there is a need for new, innovative pathways for change.
“And in this regard, I welcome any innovative solutions emanating from exchanges such as these – to move forward the intergovernmental negotiations,” he said.
“While some of today’s challenges could not have been envisioned eight decades ago, the need for reform has been apparent for some time now. And, while the road to reform is a long and arduous one, I firmly believe a positive outcome is not only possible but achievable,” he added.
He further said that as the UNGA President, he is committed to facilitating dialogue among member states around this important topic.
“And I take this opportunity to urge member states to overcome entrenched positions and to move towards substantive progress – through genuine and good faith dialogue. Our objective must be to find and/or create ways to move beyond a perpetual stalemate,” he said.
“While it is ultimately up to Member States to find agreement, it is important that we hear the voices of the diverse stakeholders, including those here with us today,” Francis added.
The UNGA President then went on to thank India “for its exemplary leadership in addressing global challenges, for its continued championing of matters of interest to the Global South, and for remaining a critical voice in seeking solutions to our major multilateral challenges facing the international community.”
“These strengths have been on full display, particularly during the pandemic, as well as, more recently, during India’s G20 Presidency,” he said.
Recently, External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar called on the United Nations to make reforms to stay relevant in the modern world and said that the issue cannot remain “indefinite” and “unchallenged”.
The EAM was addressing the 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York.
The EAM took a jibe at some nations and said, “In our deliberations, we often advocate the promotion of a rules-based order. From time to time, respect for the UN Charter is also involved. But for all the talk, it is still a few nations that shape the agenda and seek to define the norms. This can’t go on indefinitely nor will it go unchallenged. A fair, equitable and democratic order will surely emerge once we all put our minds to it. And for a start, that means ensuring that rule-makers do not subjugate rule-takers.” (ANI)

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