ANI Photo | Farmers in Andhra raise concerns on inappropriate use of steroid in rooster breeding amid Sankranti rooster fight ritual

As Sankranti is celebrated, the traditional practice of rooster fighting in Andhra Pradesh is under scrutiny due to concerns raised by farmers.
Despite being a cultural event deeply ingrained in festivities, the inappropriate use of steroids and Viagra in breeding roosters has prompted condemnation from the farmers involved in nurturing these birds.
Farmers, who play a crucial role in preparing the roosters for these traditional events, are now expressing their disapproval of the misuse of performance-enhancing substances.
While rooster fighting has long been a cherished tradition, showcasing the skill and prowess of the birds, recent controversies have arisen due to the alleged unethical practices surrounding the event.
The concerns primarily revolve around the ethical treatment of animals and the potential health risks posed by the use of steroids and Viagra in breeding.
Farmers emphasized the need for fair play and ethical standards to be upheld during these cultural events.
In response to these worries, farmers are urging collective efforts to preserve the sanctity of the tradition. They stress the importance of adhering to ethical practices and condemn the use of substances that could compromise the well-being of the roosters.
While farmers are raising concerns about the misuse of steroids, the organizers of a rooster fight in the state were found to have been tying curve blades to the legs of roosters, which has sparked outrage among authorities and animal rights activists.
This controversial practice, intended to secure victories in these matches, is in stark violation of government orders.
Despite clear directives from the government prohibiting the use of blades in rooster fights, organizers have been blatantly flouting these regulations.
The inclusion of curved blades not only intensifies the cruelty of the matches but also poses a serious threat to the well-being of the animals involved, the animal rights activists stated.
Calls for increased surveillance and punitive measures have intensified, with activists urging the government to crack down on those responsible for the blatant disregard of the law

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