ANI Photo | India-US cooperation will act as force multiplier for rules-based world order: Rajnath Singh

India-US cooperation will act as a force multiplier for a rules-based world order, said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday in Delhi.
He was addressing the Special Session of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi.
He said that India can be an avenue of de-risking for US companies and provide high returns. US capital and technological know-how can help India become a developed nation by 2047.
He said that India has made reforms in FDI and labour laws to attract foreign investment, which gives investors the maximum advantage of a skilled labour force.
“We are also working on next-generation infrastructure projects in India. Infrastructural sectors like roads, railways, waterways, and electricity have made unprecedented progress in India. India is developing a world-class infrastructure,” he said.
“Aatmanirbharta’ doesn’t mean cutting off from the global system; it is based on collaboration with friendly countries for shared security and prosperity. The current India-US relationship is driven by the twin congruence of our shared values and aligned interests. Such twin congruence is a guarantee for the long-term sustainability and robustness of our relationship,” he said.
He mentioned the role of US-India in space and defence: “Sensing the need of the hour, India and the USA are working together in different fields. India’s ISRO and America’s NASA have jointly started an initiative called ‘NISAR’. In defence technology collaboration, the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) between India and the USA; Where India and America are working towards further strengthening their defence technology partnership. It reflects the growing India-USA relations.”
He added that India’s self-reliant programme promotes companionship and not isolation, as India believes in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.
When two big democracies (India and the USA) collaborate, it will make the democratic world order stronger. This will act as a force multiplier for rule-based order all over the world. Therefore, he feels that working together will prove beneficial not only for India and the US but for the entire world, he said.

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