ANI Photo | UP: Spiritual Sitaram Bank in Ayodhya collects ‘Sitaram’ booklets, maintains 20,000 crore copies collection

The International Shri Sita Ram Naam Bank in Mani Ram Ki Chhawni locality of Ayodhya is a unique bank that has a collection of 20,000 crore ‘Sitaram’ booklet collection from the devotees of Lord Ram across the world.
Established in the 1970s, the bank offers no interest but promises full return on the day of the final judgment.
Punit Ram Das Maharaj, manager of International Sitaram Bank, told ANI that just as money is deposited in banks, in the same manner scores of booklets with “Sitaram” written on them are deposited in the bank.
The sacred words are not only in Hindi or Sanskrit but also in Urdu, Arabic, Gujarati, Marathi and several other languages.
The founder of International Shri Sitaram Naam Bank is Mahant Swami Natrya Gopaldas Ji Maharaj, while the branch manager is Puneet Ramdas Maharaj.
International Sitaram Bank Branch Manager, Puneet Ramdas Maharaj also said that the bank provides free books to devotees and keeps track of each one’s account.
“Every time someone deposits a booklet, it is recorded in the account. Account holders are enthralled by Ram’s name, given the power hidden in the three-letter word and what it can do,” said the Maharaj.
“Our objective is to spread the name of Lord Shri Ram and spread Bhagwat Dharma for the welfare of the devotees. This is a self-welfare scheme which gives peace to the mind,” he added.
Adding further he stated that the International Sitaram Naam Bank was started on was established on November 24, 1970.
It was inaugurated by Swami Mahant of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Shri Nitya Gopal Das Ji Maharaj and that it has been 54 years since this bank was opened.
“There is a collection of 20 thousand crore Sitaram names in the bank. People from across the country and worldwide and send their ‘Sitaram’ booklets to the bank,” said the Maharaj.
The bank also offers a facility to send and receive copies by post from various destinations in India and abroad.
“Devotees from London, America, China as well as middle-eastern countries write and send it through post. Our International Sitaram Bank has 150 branch banks out of which 6 are abroad and the rest are in India. There are currently three Sita Ram Naam banks, one each in Nepal, London and America,” he added.
The branch manager of the unique bank also stated that many people question the benefits of writing Sitaram and depositing it into bank.
To this he replied that just as we visit temples of gods and goddesses for inner peace, faith and virtue, in the same way, writing ‘Sitaram’ and depositing the same into the bank is a form of a darshan to the Lord.
The International Shri Sita Ram Naam Bank is located in Ram Nagri Ayodhya Dham and has around 136 branches across India.
Money has no value in this spiritual bank as the transactions are made in Prabhu Shri Ram’s name, transcending the material realm.
This unique spiritual bank managed by ardent Ram Bhakts extends conditional loans to only Ram Bhakts which has to be returned in exactly 8 months 10 days.
The devotees have to follow certain conditions and cross a certain threshold to open an account in this bank which maintains a ledger on counts of Ram Naam.
This booklet is deposited in the individual’s account whose credits get reflected accordingly.
Apart from Hindi, the devotees can write the name of Lord Ram in Urdu, English, Bengali, and other languages as well.Notably, after opening an account here, people need to follow some rules.
The bank gives account holders red ink and a wooden pen called a kalam.
As per Sanatan Dharma, Shri Ram’s name is revered as the Ultimate truth and it is a way of spiritual enlightenment.
The Ram Bhakts find solace and profound spiritual enrichment in writing, chanting and reminscing Prabhu Shri Ram’s name

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