ANI Photo | AIIMS Jhajjar ready to provide cancer treatment at affordable cost

The National Cancer Institute of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Jhajjar is ready to provide high-end treatment for cancer patients at an affordable cost.
The hospital is charging Rs 140 per day for food and daycare facilities and Rs 700 for therapy. The hospital has completed its first phase and is ready to provide state-of-the-art facilities.
Dr Alok Thakar, who is a Professor of Otolaryngology and Head- Neck Surgery, at AIIMS, said, “This is a futuristic cancer institution which is developed for every individual cancer patient with an India-centric focus. We have facilities for all cancer cases, totally state of the art as it is for radiation for medical oncology, for surgery. Our team with surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation therapists everybody we have more importantly facilities for the care of patients.”
“We have the lab which was donated to us by the Infosys foundation wherein we have the facilities for patients to stay in this hospital when they are having their treatment with their families,” Dr Thakar added.
Highlighting that the hospital is getting community support also for blood donation, Thakar said, “We are a unique hospital from the point of view that though cancer treatment can require a fair amount of blood requirements when patients need to be transfused blood. Our local community has supported us so well that rarely do the families of the patients have to donate blood.”
“The donations that we get from our local community are so good, obviously supported by the enthusiasm of our colleagues who have been motivating them and it is very unusual for patients to need to donate blood for their relatives. They can focus on the care of their relatives and we look after the other aspects,” he added.
Referring to the beds operationalised in hospital, he said, “We are currently operationalized to phase one, it was decided that this institution would be operationalized in phases, we have operationalized phase one, which was for 250 beds. We work far beyond that operationalization of 250 beds, but yes, to come to our total capacity will probably take another year.”
The National Cancer Institute gets patients from states like Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, and Bihar. But almost 42 per cent of cases are from Haryana.
“We get patients from every state, but yes, primarily from North India. We have the majority of our patients from Haryana which is 42 per cent and also from Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi, Bihar and UP everywhere,” Thakar said.
He further said that the hospital is treating patients from SAARC countries such as from Nepal and Bangladesh.
Dr Thakr informed that the most common cancers in India among females are breast cancer, and cervix cancer and in males, the commonest cancers are oral and lung cancer.
“Car T cell is one of the treatments that is required for selective patients. It has recently been developed. Yes, we would use that as and when required for our patients,” he added.
The National Cancer Institute, AIIMS at Jhajjar has the latest machines for cancer treatment and advanced high-tech machines for testing and cancer detection

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