ANI Photo | CDS Anil Chauhan unveils book on AI, National Security at Defence Lit Fest in Pune

Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan unveiled a book, ‘Artificial Intelligence and National Security’ at the Defence Literature Festival, “Kalam and Kavach,” in Pune on Saturday.
Chief Guest Gen Anil Chauhan, the CDS, inaugurated the event, marking a significant milestone in blending India’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary national security strategies.
Army Southern Command along with Pentagon Press hosted the Defence Literature Festival, Kalam and Kavach at the RSAMI Institute in Pune.
Addressing the gathering at the Lit Fest, CDS Chauhan said, “In recent times if we would recall, the art track and college of Defence Management had come out with two or three booklets on ancient Indian stratagems and the Indian Army had also launched project UDBHAV with USI to research on indigenous military systems to integrate age-old wisdom with modern military.”
“Like all novel and new ideas, this also ran into a bit of a controversy with some of us military academicians stating that there was no place for ancient stratagems in an age of nuclear war artificial intelligence-dominated corporations,” the official said.
Military weapon systems supporting tactics and military organisations have undergone such a profound change that they are no longer relevant, he said adding that he had different views and would like to present them.
CDS Chauhan also wanted to address this larger question of whether ancient stratagems such as Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ or Kautilya’s ‘Arthshastra’ are relevant today and if they are, how are they applicable.
To begin with, the official started with the knowledge of ancient Indian wisdom that is still relevant.
Lt Gen Anil Chauhan highlighted how India navigates the evolving landscape of national security as it draws inspiration from its ancient scriptures.
The event highlighted how ancient wisdom from texts like the Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita is relevant to today’s strategic needs.
Gen Anil Chauhan also emphasised the timeless relevance of Dharma from Indian scriptures, underscoring its principles of duty, righteousness, and moral balance.
The Defence Lit Fest Kalam and Kavach was hosted by Army Southern Command along with Pentagon Press.
Speaking at the event, Lt Gen AK Singh, Army Commander Southern Command, stressed adapting these ancient strategies to counter modern threats and challenges.
The festival also celebrated the launch of four significant books, covering diverse themes from global geopolitics to the role of AI in national security. These included “Russia, Gaza, Taiwan… A World at War” by Ajay Singh, and “A I and National Security” by Col Amit Sinha and Vijay Khare, among others.
Reflecting on the 25th anniversary of the Kargil War, Rajan Arya, CEO of Pentagon Press, highlighted the company’s commitment to raising awareness about national security complexities.
A key session, ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat – Powering India’s Defence Sector,’ featured prominent industry leaders like Shri Baba Kalyani, emphasizing the collaborative effort needed for realizing true self-reliance in defence.
The festival brought together experts discussing a range of topics from global conflicts to the role of heritage in security. It stands as a beacon for future events that aim to merge history, culture, defence, and security into a single narrative

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