Indian navy to get 11 Shakti EW systems to install on board capital warships

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has signed a contract with BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited) for the procurement of 11 Shakti EW systems along with associated equipment worth Rs 2,269.54 crore.

Shakti is an indigenously designed, developed, and manufactured electronic warfare system capable of intercepting and jamming electronic emissions in dense electromagnetic environments.

These EW systems will be installed on 4 Visakhapatnam class destroyers, which are the Indian navy’s most powerful warships, as well as on the 7 upcoming P17A Nilgiri class frigates. This marks a significant advancement for the new generation of warships.

The Shakti EW system is specifically designed to detect, track, classify and jam radio emissions from radars mounted on various platforms such as aircraft, warships, and anti-ship missiles. Once these emissions are detected and classified, the system emits jamming signals to disrupt the functioning of these radars, thereby disabling the enemy’s ability to track or target friendly forces.

This capability makes the Shakti EW system a valuable asset for electronic warfare operations, enhancing the survivability and combat effectiveness of Indian navy warships in a variety of scenarios.

Currently, Indian navy warships in carrier battle groups are equipped with a multi-layered air defence network. The Indian navy has deployed the advanced LRSAM (naval version of Barak 8) with a range of 100 km on Kolkata and Visakhapatnam class warships, and it will also be deployed on upcoming Nilgiri class frigates to enhance their air defence capabilities.

While the Barak 8 is highly specialised in shooting down subsonic and supersonic cruise missiles, the Shakti EW system will add an additional layer of defence to the Indian carrier battle group with a soft kill option through jamming.

The project will generate employment of two and half lakh man-days over a period of four years with participation of more than 155 industry partners including MSMEs, thus furthering the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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