ANI Photo | Maharashtra govt orders SIT probe into Manoj Jarange Patil’s agitation, claims political hand behind Patil

Maharashtra Government has ordered an SIT to probe the Maratha reservation agitation led by activist Manoj Jarange Patil. The move came after Jarange Patil accused Maharashtra deputy CM of conspiring to target him.
Speaking in the Maharashtra Legislative council on Tuesday, CM Eknath Shinde said “”Many leaders have become big on the issue of Martha reservation, Jarange patil raised demands for Maratha reservation he didn’t had any political background and even I went to him.Keeping all the protocols aside I visited him twice. But now he is making remarks against DCM, our ministers and on the government… why ? He is using low level language against the DCM, this language is not of karaykarta it’s a political language. There are many other castes leaving in the state but this is an attempt to creat conflict between castes too. We won’t tolerate such language against anyone. So let SIT investigate the matter and doodh ka doodh paani ka pani hone do”
“We have given reservation to Maratha and it will stand in the court too all the guidelines and norms of court has been studied properly and accordingly. We have given reservation, there is no injustice done on any other community but people are spreading rumours that this reservation won’t stand in court why ? Who is spreading this?” the Maharastra CM said.
Jarange-Patil’s Maratha reservation campaign is accused of receiving financial support from ‘political associates,’ and it is alleged that he made inflammatory remarks during the course of the campaign.
The Maharashtra State Government has indicated that if Jarange Patil’s agitation for the Maratha Reservation is politically motivated, funded, and intended to cause unrest, a comprehensive SIT inquiry will be conducted to assess its implications on law and order in the state.
The demand for an inquiry was raised by BJP MLA Ashish Shelar, after which Mharashtra Legislative Assembly Speaker Rahul Narwekar ordered a SIT probe.
“Manoj Jarange’s demands were accepted one by one from the beginning. We accepted it. But now Jarange’s language has changed. Now he started talking about finishing Maharashtra. He foiled this plan. So, whose plan was to destroy Maharashtra? SIT inquiry must be done,” Ashish Shelar said.
Further, Shelar questioned, stating, “We as a party stand with the community, but an individual cannot represent a community. How dare he threaten the destruction of the state? How dare he use abusive language against Devendra ji?”
Meanwhile, NCP MLA Rohit Pawar, emphasising Jarange’s role as a Maratha activist, questioned the state government for claiming that there was a political hand behind Patil.
“Jarange is a Maratha activist and we don’t know what his further strategy is, but I have heard the Deputy CM statement on it. One can make out from the Deputy CM statement that the statement is given in arrogance, it’s not right to say that he is reading anyone’s script,” Rohit Pawar said.
Reacting to the issue, DCM Fadvanis earlier said, “As the speaker has ordered SIT Probe, SIT will be formed to investigate the matter, Despite Jarange Patil’s comment on me, I wanted to say the Marathas still stand with me. There are many photos of his coming out everything will be investigated by the SIT.”
Jarange Patil, the Maratha reservation activist, defended his cause, expressing concern over perceived threats to the Maratha community.
“I am in good health. Everyone should continue the protest movement from village to village. I am seeing what the Chief Minister said. They have the system and they will do what they want to do. I will take initiative for society. This murder against Marathas is not right. Devendra Fadnavis will work against the Maratha community. We are protesting peacefully. If people were attacked, the entire state would have been destroyed,” Jarange Patil said.
Meanwhile, according to Nandakumar Thakur Beed, SP, Maharashtra Police has initiated legal action against Manoj Jarange Patil, who is accused of demanding Maratha reservation and allegedly inciting common people to block roads. Cases have been registered at Shirur and Amalner police stations in Beed district under sections 341, 143, 145, 149, and 188 of the Indian Penal Code.
Jarange Patil’s appeal reportedly led to a significant road blockade in Beed district, causing inconvenience to the public. The police responded by registering a case against him. Additionally, 25 other cases related to traffic jams have been registered in different locations across Beed district

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